Plenty of room in FISH 101 Water and Society (NW/I&S) – Winter 2013

Still plenty of space left in FISH 101 in Winter Quarter!

Melting Glaciers Mean Double Trouble for Water Supplies
Colorado Wildfires Threaten Water Supplies

Do you read articles like these and want to know more about how human population, climate change and more affect fresh water ecosystems and supplies? Then you should take FISH 101 in Winter Quarter 2013 – it counts for NW or I&S!

FISH 101: Water and Society (5), I&S/NW

SLN 14163; MWF 9:30-10:20, KNE 110; T or Th quizzes (times & locs vary)

FRESHWATER is: • Essential for life. • The oil of the 21st century. • Breeding ground of the most dangerous human diseases. • Losing species faster than any other ecosystem. • A reason to launch a war? Come learn about how, despite the abundance of water on Earth, freshwater is coming under increasing pressure as human populations increase and climate warms. Come learn about how social changes might reduce human impacts on fresh water systems, locally, nationally and internationally.

Prerequisites: None. Open to all undergraduates
Profs. Julian Olden & Daniel Schindler

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