M.Sc. PhD. positions at Cornell University

Dear Colleagues,
I took advantage of Thomas’ list to spread the word of 3 graduate position at Cornell University Department of Natural Resources and the Cornell Biological Field Station working with zooplankton-phytoplankton interactions in the deep chlorophyll layer of Lake Ontario, comparative mysid ecology across the Great Lakes, and rehabilitation of endangered native coregonid in Lake Ontario. The two more limnological positions comes supported for 5 years and are most suitable for doctoral students, the coregonid project is supported for 2 years (MSc). All of them involves spatial-temporal dynamics in large lakes. Please inform interested students. Starting date as early as spring 2013.

Lars Rudstam
Director and Professor
Cornell Biological Field Station
900 Shackelton Point Road, Bridgeport NY 13030 Phone 315 633 9243
Department of Natural Resources
205 Bruckner Hall, Ithaca NY 14850 Phone 607 255 1555

Graduate Student Assistantships at Cornell University.docx

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