Jobs: Postdoc & PhD Student Openings – Stream Fish Ecology – University of Alaska Fairbanks/AKCFWRU

Colleagues – I anticipate funds to support (one) Postdoctoral Scientist and (one) PhD Assistantship to begin late Spring or early Summer 2018. These positions are part of a larger project with goals to develop a better understanding of the effects of fire and climate change on boreal aquatic ecosystem dynamics. Position descriptions and application instructions are attached.

I will also hire a B.S.- or M.S.-level Senior Technician/Lab Manager as part of this project.  More information on that opening will be made available soon.

Please feel free to forward this information along to your networks and any qualified applicants. I’m happy to answer questions or provide more project details.

Jeff Falke

Dr. Jeffrey A. Falke

Assistant Unit Leader – Fisheries
U.S. Geological Survey
Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit


Assistant Professor of Fisheries
Department of Fisheries/Department of Biology & Wildlife
Institute of Arctic Biology

University of Alaska Fairbanks

P.O. Box 757020
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Office: 210A Irving 1 Bldg.
Phone: 907-474-6044
FAX: 907-474-7872

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