It’s a new year and we need fish feeders at the Imprint pond!

Happy New Year!

Chum salmon fry are coming soon (late Jan-mid Feb) and CWCAP needs your help to feed them!

Now is the time to choose your feeding slot(s).  Here is a link to the current Salmon Imprint Pond Schedule and available time slots.

Email or call your preference for day:  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, or Sun and 30-45 minute slot:
Morning (7-9AM)
Mid-day (11-1PM)
Evening (4-6PM)

_Duration of your feeding slot: Recall that each slot will require approximately 30-45 minutes – up to an hour – depending on the amount being fed and the number of possible park visitors while you are there.  You will fulfill your chosen slot more or less within the time range listed above.  As the daytime grows longer, we’ll adjust the sots towards later in the day.  You may choose more than one slot.

_When feeding will start and how long it will last:
Based on the 2015 imprinting season: 1st batch feeding was Feb 18-March 17 (1 month); 2nd batch feeding was Mar 19-April 18 (1 month).  However, this season could start earlier.

_Need for new volunteers:
We will likely need to fill a few slots with new volunteers.  Please let you family and friends know!

There will be Salmon Imprint Stewards Training on Saturday, January 30.  More information is coming soon!

Thank you!
~Rick Henry (Imprint Pond volunteer email account)

Links you may find interesting:
Salmon Spawning Survey (adult salmon return numbers for 2015 and 2014)
Salmon and Piper’s Creek Watershed: This salmon guide was designed and updated by Amanda Lee, an intern working with Seattle Parks & Recreation.
More about Salmon in the Park!
Timeline for Life Cycle, Growth, and Survival
Seattle Celebrates Life Cycle of Salmon ( video)
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