Internship w/ the Queer Student Commission, Queer Health Fair and more!

Internship! Events!

Hey all!

Hopefully everyones had a great summer and is having a great time back on campus!
I’m very excited to be serving as this years Director of the Queer Student Commission, if anyone has any questions about the plans for the year or would just like to stop by to chat about the internship, any other involvement opportunities, or just life in general come visit me in HUB 131P!
I have free coffee! 🙂
Check when I’ll be in my office either at the bottom of the email or here @ 
Just to start off theres a few things I’d like to make sure everyone’s informed about to start off the year:

Interested in Social Justice issues?
Interested in getting involved in the Queer and Trans* community on campus?
Apply to be an intern with the Queer Student Commission!
For more information and the application visit 
Q Welcome Luncheon
HUB Lyceum (HUB 160)
Friday, October 2nd @ 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Queer Health Fair
The Quad
Saturday, October 3rd @ 11:00am – 2:00pm
National Coming Out Day Open Mic
The Q Center (HUB 315)
Monday, October 12th @ 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Summary of Events
Q Welcome Luncheon:
Lesbian? Gay? Bisexual? Straight-ish? Trans*? Queer? Two-Spirit? Questioning? No labels needed? Excited about starting school? Us too!
Come to the HUB to be welcomed and celebrated! We are kicking off the new year with a luncheon featuring free food, great speakers, a resource fair, and lots of fun for all! Community, alumni, faculty, and staff are welcome to come support our new and returning students at this annual luncheon. Be there for all or part of the fun!
Queer Health Fair:
We’re inviting Seattle-wide queer, trans, low-income, and disability friendly organizations for our Queer Health Fair! They’ll be here to hook you up with resources, answer your questions, tell you what they do, and help you navigate the health care system.
National Coming Out Day Open Mic
Come by the Q Center to celebrate National Coming Out day with an Open Mic! Feel free to bring prepared poetry or just come and perform on the fly! All sorts of art welcome, be that spoken word, music or an interpretive dance!


Please come scent free to these events! That means holding back on the scented perfume, deodorant, sprays, hair products, lotion, and laundry detergent right before the events. For more info on how to be scent free, check out:

Oscar Arreguin Méndez, Director
ASUW Queer Student Commission
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