IMPORTANT: SAFS Undergrads – Autumn 2015 Courses and Registration Info

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The Autumn Quarter 2015 Time Schedule is now available (All UW or FISH only) – registration begins on May 8. I’ve included a list of courses below that satisfy degree requirements, for reference.

  • If you have started or completed the BIOL series, BIOL 180, 200 or 220 would be a good choice (since many upper division FISH courses have BIOL as a pre-req) – note that BIOL 200 has a pre-req of CHEM 152 or CHEM 220.
  • CHEM 120 is only offered in Summer and Autumn quarter – if you still need CHEM 120, be sure to take it in one of these quarters
  • Other good choices in Summer or Autumn quarter… PHYS 114, MATH 124 or 125, Q SCI 291 or 292
  • CHEM 142 and 152 is offered every quarter


  • Q SCI 381 is offered every quarter (pre-req MATH 120, Q SCI 190, or a 2 on Adv AP)

Physical World – Autumn quarter is a great time to take care of one of your Physical World classes:

  • OCEAN 210 Integrative Oceans (required for Marine Bio minor)
  • ATM S 211 Climate Change
  • OCEAN/ESS 230 Rivers and Beaches
  • GEOG 205 Physical Environment
  • PHYS 115 and 116 are both on the approved list of courses and are offered every quarter

VLPA/I&S/NW/DIV – If you still need any Gen Eds, consider taking one of these courses to satisfy any remaining Areas of Knowledge requirements:

  • COM 220 (VLPA or I&S)
  • FISH 250 Marine Biology (I&S, overlapping)
  • Many, many, many other courses at the UW will satisfy your AoKs – just start browsing!

FISH 290 Science Writing and Communication (required) – all AFS majors (declared Aut 2013 or later) must take this course, preferably in Freshman or Sophomore year but prior to beginning the 300-level core coursework; it is offered in Autumn and Winter quarters only NEW! FISH 300 Exploring Opportunities in Marine Science (1cr) – beginning in Autumn 2015, SAFS will partner with Oceanography and the UW Career Center to offer a career preparation seminar for seniors (and juniors, space available) in aquatic science majors, co-led by yours truly.

  • Course will meet Wednesday afternoons, 1:00-2:20
  • Will be temporarily listed as FISH 497A, hopefully by early next week – once it is added, sign up for FISH 497 and when course gets added as FISH 300 later in Spring quarter, I will move everyone over.
  • Note that even though the course title says "Marine Science", we welcome all aquatic sciences majors including those whose are interested primarily in freshwater. Topics and content will broadly address aquatic interests.

Required FISH Courses – these courses are restricted to AFS majors only during Period 1. If you are a major and want to take these courses but know you won’t be able to register by the end of Period 1 then email me to discuss your options.

  • FISH 323 Conservation & Management of Aquatic Resources
  • FISH 340 Genetics & Molecular Ecology (pre-req BIOL 200)

Elective FISH Courses – remember, you need a minimum of 4 courses and 16 credits of 400-level FISH coursework

  • FISH 423 Aquatic Invasion Ecology (4) – Note that this course has historically been offered in even years but will be offered in odd years going forward so if you were planning to take this in Autumn 2016, please be sure to adjust your degree plan!
  • FISH 450 Salmon Behavior & Life History (5) – Seniors ONLY
  • FISH 452 Spatial Information Technology (3)
  • FISH 461 Resource Economics for Mgmt and Policy (4) – DIV credit; Seniors ONLY
  • FISH 473 Limnology (3) (pre-req BIOL 180) No freshmen
  • FISH 474 Limnology Lab (2) (pre-req FISH 473, may be taken concurrently) No freshmen
  • NOTE: We are not offering FISH 441 in Autumn 2015 – if you were planning on taking FISH 441, you may need to find another 400-level elective or wait and take it in Autumn 2016

FISH 498 Internship or 499 Research

  • If you’re interested in either of these, be sure to review the enrollment procedures. It is recommended that you submit completed forms to me for an add at least two weeks prior to the start of the quarter – forms received after the start of the quarter will be accepted but I make no guarantees that you will be enrolled prior to the start of the Late Add Period ($20 fee).


  • FISH 493 Capstone Prep is being offered in Autumn – if you plan to do your capstone research in the next three quarters (prior to Autumn Quarter 2016), then you must complete 493 prior to beginning your research. Email Greg Jensen for an add code.
  • FISH 494 and 495 – see Greg Jensen to register; note that you must have already completed FISH 493 in order to register for either of these courses.

Completing a Q SCI minor? Consider taking these courses:

  • Q SCI 381 – required for both the AFS degree and the Q SCI minor
  • Q SCI 482 – required for the minor, only offered in Autumn and Winter

Completing a Marine Bio minor? Consider taking these courses:

  • FISH/BIOL/OCEAN 250 – required for the minor, offered in Summer and Autumn
  • OCEAN 210 – required for the minor, only offered in Autumn

Other items that may be of interest:

  • Trying to register for a course that’s full? Check the course status often in case a space opens up – a good rule of thumb is to check as often as you check Facebook. Also, take a look at the UAA Advising Office’s Tips for Getting Into Closed Courses.
  • Seniors, don’t forget – if you want/need Graduating Senior Priority in Autumn Quarter, the deadline to submit a graduation application is May 6… Make an appointment to see me by May 4 to complete the paperwork in time for processing.
  • May 17 is the last day to change to or from S/NS grade option and/or to use your Annual Drop (Late Drop Period). $20 fee
  • Freshmen & Sophomores (and early Juniors)! Do you have a 3.3 (or higher) UW GPA? Then you should consider doing SAFS Departmental Honors! All it takes is one extra class and a few extra projects (in classes you’re already taking)… Interested? Read more here or make an appointment with me to declare!
  • More useful dates and deadlines: 2014-15 and 2015-16


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