Hydrologist Vacancy Announcement

Attached please find an announcement for a term hydrologist position at the USGS in Anchorage for a GS-7 or 9 (post bachelors or post masters) to work on a study of stream hydrology, biogeochemistry, and fish ecology at the boreal-arctic transition in Alaska.  The position will be open on USAjobs between February 22nd and 26th.

Upcoming Hydrologist Vacancy Announcement

U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center, Anchorage, Alaska

The U.S. Geological Survey Alaska Science Center is seeking applicants for a hydrologist

vacancy in the new, interdisciplinary Water, Ice, and Landscape Dynamics office. The

incumbent will be primarily responsible for assisting in the collection, organization, and analysis

of stream hydrologic and biogeochemical data, with opportunities to assist and lead data analysis

and publication of results in peer-reviewed journals. The research aims to understand the

influence of changing climate conditions on hydrology, chemistry, and fish habitat of streams at

the boreal-arctic transition. The work will involve spending many weeks of the summer in

remote field locations in the Brooks Range foothills in Northwestern Alaska. The environment

is beautiful and challenging, with cold, potentially rainy summers and plenty of mosquitos.

Candidates should have undergraduate (GS-7) or graduate experience (GS-9) in hydrology or a

related discipline with a strong fundamental background in math and physics. Preferred skills

include experience measuring stream discharge, surveying, programming dataloggers, collecting

water samples for various chemical analyses, collecting invertebrates and fish, and carrying

heavy packs in remote and difficult environments. The position also requires U.S. citizenship.

The Alaska Science Center is located on the campus of Alaska Pacific University in Anchorage,

Alaska. Anchorage is a modern city with a population near 300,000, amenities including

restaurants, shopping and cultural offerings, and easy access to an international airport.

Anchorage has over 130 miles of paved bike trails, over 200 kilometers of groomed winter ski

trails, and year-around access to some of the most outstanding wilderness in North America.

The Alaska Science Center is an important component of the USGS, the federal agency

responsible for providing the Nation with high-quality objective science. The Alaska Science

Center is a leader in providing hydrologic, biologic, geologic, and geographic data, information

and related research in arctic and subarctic regions.

This is a one-year term position to begin in late-spring, filled at the GS-7 ($43,817/year) or GS-9

level ($53,597/year), plus a Cost of Living Allowance, with the likelihood to be extended beyond

the first year and promotion potential to the GS-12 level. We expect the position to be formally

advertised on USAjobs (https://www.usajobs.gov/) on Monday, February 22nd, with an open

period of 5 days. Interested candidates are welcome to contact Joshua Koch, USGS Alaska

Science Center Research Hydrologist, 907-786-7119, jkoch@usgs.gov for information about the

position and the application process.

USGS is an equal opportunity employer

Alaska Science Center − http://alaska.usgs.gov

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