Fishery Biologist job

Job available!

Fishery Biologist II –  data analysis.

The salary of $23.44/hr. It is a fulltime position at the NWFSC in Seattle, WA from Dec 1 2015 to Sept 30, 2016.


This position involves modeling upstream migration timing and survival in Columbia River salmon and steelhead. The contractor will 1) complete data organization for steelhead, 2) conduct analyses on covariate factors affecting survival and fallback in Chinook and steelhead, and 3) summarize methods and results in informal presentations and a final report. The primary skills required for this position are fluency in R and solid grounding in statistics, including proficiency with generalized linear modelling and potentially hierarchical modeling. Familiarity with salmon and steelhead will be helpful, but not essential.

The Fishery Biologist II labor category requires the following: Education required is a Bachelor’s degree with at least 1 full year of graduate-level education with emphasis in the fisheries sciences as related to the requirements of the specific Task Order.

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