Field technician position, freshwater ecology

Field Technicians in Freshwater Fish Ecology – University of Washington (Apr – Aug 2017)

We are looking for a field technician to join the Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Laboratory (Dr. Julian Olden, University of Washington) to assist with a field project in Arizona and local lab and field work in Washington. The Arizona project is an investigation of food web ecology and interactions of native and non-native fishes in dryland streams of the Lower Colorado River basin.

Description: The technician will assist with setting up experimental reaches and extensive field surveys using electrofishing and seining techniques in field locations in Arizona. Major tasks include digging and setting up fencing and fence posts in streams, maintenance of experimental reaches, and hiking with gear in rough terrain. Other field tasks include identifying, enumerating, measuring, weighing, and tagging fish, gathering macroinvertebrates, primary productivity and habitat data, and sharing campsite responsibilities. Field sites are remote (little to no cell service) and teams will be tent camping for extended periods (up to 4 weeks at a time). Upon return from field excursions, lab work will include processing isotope samples, data entry, literature reviews, or other tasks as needed. Field sites are remote (little to no cell service) and teams will be tent camping for extended periods (up to 4 weeks at a time). In general, applicants should be prepared for long hard working days and weeks, variable weather conditions, incredible scenery, incredible fishes, and fun!

Dates: Dates of employment are from 31 March – August, 2017. Field work will begin April 3rd.

Salary: $520/week. Field and camping equipment, food and transportation to field sites is provided.

Qualifications: Willingness and ability to work remotely in aquatic systems and spend extended periods of time in the wilderness. Required attributes include: valid driver’s license, ability to lift 50lbs, and outdoor/camping experience. Preference will be given to candidates with experience or interest and enthusiasm for a career in fish ecology. Ability to work well both independently and on a team, mental/physical endurance, positive attitude, and patience with changing plans are preferred.

To apply: send a cover letter (including dates of availability and experience), a current resume, and names and contact information for two references to

Deadline to apply: March 15, 2017

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