ESRM 321, Finance & Accounting from a Sustainability Perspective, SLN 13951

ESRM 321 is an introductory business course designed for non-business majors, has NO prerequisites, and gives NW and I & S credit. More info is below . . .

ESRM 321, Finance & Accounting From a Sustainability Perspective
SLN 13951, 5 credits, NW and I&S credit
TU/TH 5:30-8 PM
Student evaluations are at

Taught by a former stock broker, ESRM 321 explores finance and accounting fundamentals, stock markets and investing, and sustainable * business practices that respect best environmental science methods and ethical social responsibility standards. This is a great opportunity for students to learn the language used by business professionals and about the connections between businesses, societies and the environment.

* What does sustainability mean, and how is it manifested in business? Various definitions of sustainability have been used, but all share a common understanding that sustainability refers to integrating environmental, social responsibility, and financial/economic elements in order to meet the needs of people today without compromising Earth’s capacity to provide for future generations. Said another way, practicing sustainability involves balancing the three Ps: planet, people, and profits.

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Dorothy Paun, PhD, MBA
University of Washington
396 Bloedel Hall, Box 352100
Seattle, WA 98195 USA

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