Environmental Studies Winter 2016 Course Offerings

ENVIR 100: Introduction to Environmental Studies – M,W, F, 12:30p–1:20p. 5 credits. Instructors: Kristi Straus and Elizabeth Wheat. Learn about current environmental challenges and responses, from climate change to social justice, in a local and global context.

ENVIR 250: Research Methods for Environmental Studies – M, W, F, 1:30p–2:30p. 5 credits. Instructors: Tim Billo and Yen-Chu Weng. Pre-req: ENVIR 100. Get experience with data collection and apply it to an environmental lens. Course details: Get introduced to various data collection methods in order to understand complex environmental issues. Case studies help illustrate research design processes, and introduce key methods of data collection and analysis relevant to the problem.

ENVIR 439 Attaining a Sustainable Society – M, W, 10:30a–12:20p. 3 credits. Instructor: Elizabeth WheatExplore how food, energy and policy movements are moving our society towards a more sustainable future and identify impediments to achieving a sustainable society. Freshmen can enroll w/ instructor permission.

ENVIR 480: Sustainability Studio – T, Th, 12:30p–1:20p. 5 credits. Instructor: Ashley Blazina. Focus on the different aspects of green purchasing at UW and industry-wide. Course details: Examine the current criteria used to asses the “greenness” of a company, what aspects may be missing, the sustainability of purchasing local vs. regional and internationally, what industries (fashion, energy) are the current biggest polluters, and which are the “greenest” and the sustainability of UW’s many branches of purchasing. In addition to class lectures, guest speakers and field trips, students will work for an outside client on a community-based project related to green purchasing, either on the UW campus or in the Seattle region.

ENVIR 485: Environmental Planning and Permitting in Practice – M, W, 12:30p–1:20p. 5 credits. Instructor: Todd Wildermuth. Great course for students interested in Environmental Law, Policy & Planning. Open to juniors and seniors. Course details: Look at a case study focusing on the requirements of major state and federal environmental regulations. Emphasis on environmental impact statements. 
ENVIR 495B: Farm Lunch Seminar – W, 12:30p–1:20p. 5 credits. Instructor: Elizabeth Wheat. Course details: Deepen your understanding of urban food systems and agriculture; this quarter’s focus is on carbon and climate. Examine the issue of carbon close to home and with a big picture view. 

ENVIR 495D: Environmental Education Field Practicum  T, Th, 9:30a–11:20a. 5 credits. Instructor: Tim Billo. Course details: Design an environmental studies curriculum and teach it to 8th graders. Enroll w/ instructor permission (Tim Billo). This course will include instruction in environmental education techniques, visits to Washington Middle School classrooms, and occasional outside speakers from local environmental education organizations. The curriculum will be taught in 3 days of instruction, the last week of the quarter. Students must be able to miss 3 days of class. 
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