EDUC 401Z – COOL science education course

Anyone interested in teaching, outreach, communicating science or who just wants classroom experience should take a look at the COOL course below. This is the first of two quarters (the next will be in spring) – while students are encouraged to take both courses, it is possible to just take the Winter Quarter course.

New course offering: COOL Science Education, EDUC 401Z

Credits: 1-5. Seminars are Credit/No Credit

*No prerequisites, aside from an interest in science education*

COOL Science Education is a seminar offered through the UW PIPELINE project. This seminar pairs a weekly seminar on science education with volunteer hours in a local middle-school.

There are a limited number of spaces available, for questions about this seminar and placements, contact Déana Scipio (descipio) or Dr. Tansy Clay Burns (tansy).

Facilitators: Déana Scipio and Dr. Tansy Clay Burns


Days/Time: Thursdays, 3:00-4:20 pm

Location: TBA

Do you care about learning, youth development, science education, and social justice? Project COOL (Chemical Oceanography Outside of the Lab) is looking for UW students who want to make science accessible and inviting for all learners. By the end of the Winter Quarter UW students will:

· – Design and conduct a research project on student interaction around content

· – Perform 16-20 volunteer hours mentoring youth in a local middle school

· – Prepare to facilitate a weekly ‘Out of School Time’ science program

· – Learn about the current state of US K-12 STEM education

· – Identify the intellectually stimulating and complex nature of teaching

This class is part of a funded National Science Foundation project to engage university faculty, students & youth from underrepresented groups in the practice of contemporary science. UW students will spend their volunteer time in two local middle schools. Transportation will be provided to and from the University.

For more information visit:

2012-11-13 Project COOL Flyer V3.docx

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