Earn a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management | Applications Due 1/27

In the Environmental Management Certificate program, graduate students from across the University collaborate to tackle real-world problems with profound business, policy, scientific, and engineering ramifications.

Students engage in environmental challenges—including energy, climate change, natural resources management, and pollution—and learn to organize collaborative teams to complete a client-based project. The program spans traditional academic boundaries, allowing students to integrate broad perspectives, knowledge, skills, and interconnections.

Program Elements

  • 3 core courses in Environmental Policy, Business and the Environment, and Science Application.
  • A 2-quarter Keystone Project with community partners that address contemporary problems in environmental management.


Applications are due by 5pm on Monday, January 27. Your completed application package must include:

  • Application form (attached).
  • Letter of application. Your letter of application should be about 500 words, or 1-2 pages. This document serves as a writing sample and should: 1) address in detail how you anticipate the program will help you meet your academic and professional goals; and 2) Demonstrate your experience and interest in the environmental field.
  • Transcripts (unofficial). Undergraduate and graduate transcripts from all educational institutions attended – including your current UW transcript.

For more information, contact Anne DeMelle at ademelle.

Anne DeMelle

Graduate Program Coordinator, UW Program on the Environment

Wallace Hall, 3737 Brooklyn Ave NE, Box 355679, Seattle, WA 98195 (map)

(206) 221-6129

Please note that I am out on Fridays

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