CoEnv Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Innovation – deadline extended

College of the Environment Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Innovation



Funds are competitively awarded to support College of the Environment (CoEnv) undergraduates engaged in research, as well as community-based projects or experiential learning, combining academic content and skill set learning with innovative applications to particular issues or problems within an environmental context. It is essential that the student play a central role in generating the idea and in designing and delivering the project. Most CoEnv students complete a culminating senior capstone project or engage in undergraduate research for at least one quarter. These funds are designed to support students not just in completing the level of projects that they might already be required to complete for their degree programs, but also in taking their projects to a higher level, significantly adding to the depth, quality, creativity, and impact of their work.

For 2012-2013, the College will offer 6 awards to a maximum of $2,500 each.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Applicants must be matriculated UW undergraduate students registered during the award period (12 credits minimum during Autumn, Winter, or Spring quarters; 2 credits minimum during Summer quarter).

2. Applicants must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree with the College of the Environment at the UW Seattle, and must maintain satisfactory academic progress for the duration of the project, as defined by your academic department.

3. Candidates do not need to be U.S. citizens.

4. Applicants must be engaged in the academic project and with the faculty mentor during the quarters for which they are funded.

5. Awardees who receive funds to assist with paying for standard academic expenses such as tuition and fees and are also receiving need-based financial aid may not be eligible to receive the full amount of this award. The CoEnv will use information provided by the Office of Student Financial Aid/FAFSA to determine award amounts. Recipients of need-based aid cannot receive funds from any source in excess of their calculated financial need. Applicants should consult a counselor in the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine the potential impact of a new award on the existing aid package.

To Apply

Applicants must complete the CoEnv Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Innovation application no later than November 7, 2012.

Application Materials:

Project Proposal (Includes the following):

· Student name

· Student ID

· Project Title

· Proposed project quarters for funding

· Faculty Mentor Name

· Requested Award Quarter(s)

· Project Summary (300 words max) – describe what you will do, the issues that your project will address, and relevant disciplinary background.

· Project Question(s) (150 words max) – what key research question or questions will you be addressing with your project?

· Methods used to address project question(s) (350 word max) – describe what methods, tools, etc. you will use to address your project question.

· Project Deliverables (150 words max) – describe what you will produce at the culmination of your project (e.g., written academic paper, presentation, etc.).

· Budget amount requested

· Budget justification (150 words max) – provide a justification for the budget requested. Describe the costs associated with your project and a justification for seeking funds for these costs. If you are requesting funds to assist you with paying for standard academic expenses such as tuition, fees, etc., explain how and in what ways the funding will alleviate your need to work or secure other funds to pay for academic expenses and how exactly this will advance your project goals.

· Detailed Budget (spreadsheet format) – list specific costs and exact amounts for expenses associated with travel, conferences, supplies, tools, etc.

· So what? (200 word max) – What are the implications/impacts of your project within a scholarly / academic context? How will this project help you refine and advance your career goals?

· Unofficial transcripts from UW (separate pages)

Faculty Mentor Endorsement

Faculty member(s) who will serve as mentors for funded projects must complete the Faculty Member Endorsement: CoEnv Dean’s Award for Undergraduate Innovation no later than November 7, 2012.

Faculty Member Endorsements must include the following:

· Faculty Mentor Name

· Faculty Mentor Department

· Name of student

· Proposed project quarters for funding

· Statement that the faculty member agrees to be serve as mentor

· Approval of proposed project budget

· Description of expected specific research deliverable (i.e., paper, presentation, etc.) (150 words max)

· Faculty Mentor’s assessment of her/his responsibilities in project outcome versus the student’s responsibilities (200 word max)

· Assessment of student’s ability to conduct the proposed work, including specific examples of previous scholarly and/or applied work (200 word max)

Selection Criteria

The CoEnv Scholarship and Funding Committee (comprised of faculty and staff who are advisory to the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Diversity) will review your application, examining your project proposal for evidence of the clarity of your goals, the role you play in the project, and the role the funds will make on success of the project.

The Committee will consider the following:

· Your overall academic record.

· The likelihood of project success.

· Project innovation and creativity.

· Clarity of proposed budget.

· Your investment in the project – evidence that the project concept and goals originate from you (with appropriate guidance and mentoring from faculty) and are connected to your academic and career goals.

The Committee will submit recommendations, together with a brief explanation, to the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Diversity, who will make the final funding decisions.

Other Awardee Expectations

· You will be asked to provide written permission for the CoEnv to use your image and/or written and graphic description of your project in CoEnv print and online publications.

· You may be asked to participate in a video interview describing your project.

· You may be asked to present your project deliverable at CoEnv events.

· You may be asked to attend CoEnv Scholarship recognition events.

· You are required to apply to present your work at the annual UW Undergraduate Research Symposium in May. A call to submit proposals for the Symposium is announced during winter quarter.

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