Celebrating open and connected rivers: “Share your Story” for World Fish Migration Day

Hey SAFS community!

Just imagine for a minute if all the stories from around the world about what connected rivers mean for fish and people were collected in one place…well, the FEC lab is partnering with Society for Conservation Biology and World Fish Migration Foundation on an ambitious project for the upcoming World Fish Migration Day to do that, and are asking for help/stories/social media love – whatever you’ve got!
#1 Got a story to share about why open and connected rivers are great for you, for fish, for the world? We’d like to include it in the video compilation which will stream for 24 hours on World Fish Migration Day. Existing videos are great, or people can make simple ones. Instructions to make and upload videos are here: http://depts.washington.edu/oldenlab/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Share-your-story-WFMD2016.pdf

#2 Like the idea and want to spread the word? Here’s some sharing options:
FB post: Got a story about rivers, migrating fish, and people to share? Make or submit a short (< 5min) video by May 7th to celebrate World Fish Migration Day here! http://bit.ly/1XKYfTG
Tweets: Share your (fish) stories! Seeking short videos to celebrate World Fish Migration Day http://bit.ly/22QS4ia #wfmd2016
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