aquaculture position/internship

I work for a seafood transportation firm, Aqualife, here in the PNW area.
We are in the business of transporting live seafood product in ocean-going containers using a patented technology.
We have successfully transported crustaceans (lobster, opilio, etc.), shellfish (clam, oyster, etc.) and fin fish (Sturgeon).
However, our company lacks the proper marine bio background to understand each specific species, their characteristic advantages and disadvantages, and to how to properly conduct trials. It’s largely been hit/miss.We are therefore looking for either a trained biologist familiar with aquaculture or possibly a grad student/intern who is looking to get into this field.
There would be travel involved globally. We are currently looking at projects in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, east coast U.S. and here in the PNW region. This person would essentially be tasked with doing research on target species, local water quality and conducting trials lasting 2-4 weeks at a time. The next tests that are scheduled are for January, one in Japan on scallops and one in Westport on dungeness crab.

Please let me know if you could be of assistance in our search for this person or if you know of any resources that might be of help.

You can visit our website for more background on what we do –


Dave Pawlan
Aqualife Inc.
(707) 529-7737


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