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June 3rd, 2013

In This Email:

1.) New Professional Development Program for Grad Students

2.) LAST CHANCE (Due Tonight) to Apply to be on the University Bookstore

3.) Nominate Your Graduate Program Adviser for an Award

4.) Help Save Metro: Bellevue Town Hall June 6th

5.) Mental Health Video

1.) New Professional Development Program for Grad Students

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has a new
professional development program for graduate and professional students at
UW, called Emerging Leaders in Service to Society
ELISS helps students learn to collaborate across boundaries to apply their
expertise to solutions for society throughout their professional and civic
lives. Students from all fields—including professional programs like law
and medicine, natural and social sciences, humanities, engineering and the
arts—are eligible to apply. It is a competitive program that requires
students to volunteer 3-5 hours/week and travel three times during a
year-long experience. Students must be enrolled through at least the end of
2014 and obtain permission from their supervisors to participate. To be
eligible for the program, students must complete a pre-application by June
14, 2013. More information about ELISS is at

2.) LAST CHANCE to Apply to be on the University Bookstore Board of

The University Bookstore is a corporate trust governed by an eleven-member
board of trustees consisting of University of Washington students, faculty
and staff and the Book Store’s Chief Executive Officer. The Trustees also
serve as Directors of University Book Store, Inc. This year the graduate
student representative will be graduating, and we are looking for
interested volunteers. Terms generally are 2-3 years, but this is
flexible. If you are interested, please email Elise (gpssua)
TONIGHT (6-3-13).

3.) Nominate Your Graduate Program Adviser for an Award!

Graduate Program Advisers (GPAs) are responsible for many of the day to day
tasks necessary for graduate students to complete their degree, from
paperwork to advising and everything in between. The Graduate Program
Adviser of the Year Award is presented to the GPA who has been the most
invaluable to graduate students in their department. This award is intended
to recognize a GPA who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in
helping graduate students navigate many of the pitfalls of their graduate
education. If you would like to nominate your GPA, please contact your GPSS
Senator <>. All
nominations are due by Wednesday, June 5th at NOON. Also, take a moment to
fill out this survey about your GPA:

4.) Help Save Metro Update: Bellevue Town Hall, Thurs 6/6

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petitions, contacted your
legislators, or attended the last public forum on saving Metro! We are
making progress, but still have a ways to go to ensure we can maintain our
bus service next year. (Background: Without new funding options, King
County Metro will eliminate 65 bus routes and reduce service on 86 more in
2014. These changes are estimated to impact 70% of bus riders in King
County. For a list of which routes may be impacted see this Metro
This means less service, less often, and more crowding. But the
legislature still has time to provide funding options to King County that
will prevent the cuts.) The King County Council held a public forum on
Metro funding on May 14th which was attended by 400 people, including UW
graduate students. Read about the forum

Now the County is holding a Town Hall in Bellevue on Thursday, June 6th,
5:30pm at the Puget Sound Energy Auditorium, 10885 NE Fourth St. More
information here<>

5.) Mental Health Resources at the UW

We all experience ups and downs throughout our life and attending college
proves to be a source of stress and challenge for all. What is crucial to
remember as we continue this journey is that we are not alone. When times
are tough, there are resources available to ensure you can be the best you
can be when at the University of Washington. Click here
<>to view a video about the mental health
resources available on campus. If you are interested in utilizing the
mental resources available on campus, please check out the following links:

UW Counseling Center <> – (206)

Hall Health<>-
(206) 543-5030

Crisis Clinic <> – (206) 461-3222

UW Athletics Sports
(206) 616-4565

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