AmeriCorps Position Advertisment – Fisheries Science Emphasis (Elwha River)

WSC, USFWS, Conservation Scientist/Educator
Interested in gaining valuable resume building aquatic conservation science experience while supporting the historic Elwha River recovery effort (Port Angeles, WA)?  Apply now for this six month position!

This AmeriCorps service member will be responsible for a restoration project as well as providing field support on multiple fronts, including but not limited to: estuarine fish sampling, river food web sampling, adult and juvenile salmonid enumeration and fish migration monitoring. In addition, the service member will provide supplemental support for conservation projects outside of the Elwha Watershed in order to expand their experience.

February 16th through August 15th, 2017
Must be 18-25 years of age by the start of the position.
Position advertisement and application information:
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