Adopt A Stream Foundation Internship opportunities

The Adopt A Stream Foundation provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students at the Northwest Stream Center. For those interested in fresh water, forest/plant, and wetland ecology research, the Northwest Stream Center provides an excellent location on more than 20-acres next to North Creek, a tributary to the Sammamish River. This site also lends itself well to wildlife research in an island of good habitat surrounded by suburbia.

Some interns are currently working under the direction of an Adopt A Stream Foundation volunteer and board member who recently earned her Masters in Landscape Architecture from the UW and designed the route of a 1/2 mile-long Elevated Nature Trail through a very complex forest and wetland system next to our Visitors Building. They are focusing on riparian zone landscape enhancement/restoration benefitting both fish and wildlife (most mammals, amphibians, and birds found in western Washington).

Other interns are focusing on fresh water stream ecology using our Trout Stream Exhibit (160-foot long stream that flows into a large pond; ground water from that pond is re-circulated upstream to the headwaters) that was designed to be habitat for a self sustaining population of Cutthroat trout as their laboratory. Activities include: monitoring water quality; evaluation of aquatic residents (trout, sculpin, brook lamprey, crawfish, fresh water mussels, fingernail clams, benthic macroinvertebrates); and creating new fish habitat. Potential research opportunities include: determining the affects that increasing fresh water mussel populations will have on water quality; affects of selectively increasing pond depth has on trout; affects of increasing large organic debris in the stream channel has on stream geomorphology; and affects of creating shade from log floats and/or other means on water temperature.

During the summer months interns will get the opportunity to gain practical experience doing stream restoration and fish transfer work at various small watersheds in King and Snohomish Counties. And, we plan to fence portions of the riparian zone next to North Creek next to the NW Stream Center and adjacent Mc Collum Park; then and restore riparian vegetation between the fence and the creek and monitor the results.

We are also in the process of finishing an Entry Trail to the NW Stream Center that leads to the Elevated Nature Walk in preparation of opening the Northwest Stream Center to the public as early as the end of August. Select interns who demonstrate excellent knowledge in northwest ecology and excellent communication skills may be invited to become guides for future visitors.

I would appreciate if you would invite students from your college to explore our website ( and to examine intern application procedures from the following link:

Please contact me if you would like any additional information. Thanks for your assistance.


Tom Murdoch, Executive Director
Adopt A Stream Foundation
C/O Northwest Stream Center
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