SAFS Undergrad Majors: Autumn 2015 Things of Great Importance

Hi SAFS majors!
Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed the summer of sun, heat, and wildfire and were able to find a few days here and there to relax and ignore your cares for a little while. With that being said, here is a list of important things that you should not ignore:

1) Autumn Graduation deadline is October 16
If you are planning on graduating in Autumn Quarter and have not already met with me to complete your graduation application, please do so as soon as possible! The final deadline is October 16 but if you want to make sure your application is on file with the Registrar by the deadline, it would be wise to make an appointment to see me by no later than October 14.

2) Winter 2016 Graduating Senior Priority deadline is October 28
What is Graduating Senior Priority?
If you are a graduating senior or post-baccalaureate student with a degree application on file in the Graduation and Academic Records Office, you may register on the first day of Registration Period I for your final two quarters. To get your degree application on file, make an appointment to see me at least one day before October 28.

More deadlines listed below but see the UW Academic Calendar for a comprehensive listing.

3) Winter Registration begins November 6
Period 1 registration dates are listed below but may also be found here. The Winter quarter Time Schedule should be online by October 16 (subject to change).

If you would like to meet with me to discuss your Winter quarter schedule, email me to make an appointment – drop-ins are welcome, as usual, but please be aware that my schedule gets pretty full during registration. In preparation for any meeting in which we discuss degree requirements, please complete/update your AFS degree plan (planning worksheet here) or MyPlan and bring it with you to the meeting.

4) Send me your achievements!
As a department, we love to know when you achieve special recognition, especially in the field of aquatic and fishery sciences (but certainly not limited to that)… If you have received any scholarships or awards, been recognized for any services or achievements, given a presentation in a juried forum, been published in a scientific journal, etc. please share with us by completing the brief survey here. Besides beaming with pride, be aware that we may want to share your achievement in departmental publications (newsletter, website, etc.) The survey will be permanently open so that you can complete as often as needed.
5) FISH 498/499 Contracts are due 4pm, October 5
If you are planning on registering for credit in FISH 498 Internship or FISH 499 Independent Research in Autumn Quarter, be sure to get the completed forms to me by no later than 4pm on Monday, October 5 in order to avoid late registration fees. Forms turned in after 4pm on October 5 will still be processed for registration but I make no guarantees that it will happen before the beginning of the unrestricted drop period – any fees incurred will by your responsibility.
Be sure to review the enrollment procedures and download the 498 or 499 contract (available here) and get started filling it out as soon as possible. Note that submission requires a written proposal and signature from a faculty adviser (and workplace supervisor, if applicable) – this takes time so don’t wait until the last minute. Incomplete contracts will be returned to you for completion before we will register you for the course – any late registration fees will be your responsibility.

6) Scholarship disbursement
If you receive a scholarship from SAFS, your scholarship will be disbursed sometime between now and the October 16 tuition payment deadline. These have to be manually entered and I will be getting to them as soon as I possibly can – thank you for your patience. If you need your scholarship to be disbursed sooner rather than later, please email me with your timeline.

7) Shiny new website and blog
The SAFS website recently underwent a major facelift… well, actually, the whole darn head was removed and replaced by something cleaner, shinier, and way easier to navigate. If you haven’t seen it, check it out (and bookmark as the url has changed):

In addition to an all new website, the Student Services Blog has also been moved from its old location and now lives on the SAFS website: Note that if you were a follower/subscriber on the old blog, your subscription did not migrate to the new page so you will need to resubscribe (see link at bottom of left-hand column)

8) Advising appointments this week and next week
Just a heads up that my calendar fills up very quickly during the first week of the quarter – if you need to see me prior to any upcoming deadlines (such as Oct. 6, last day to change your schedule w/o a fee), be sure to make an appointment ASAP. If you have a quick question, you can try dropping by but for anything requiring more thoughtful conversation, your best bet is to schedule a dedicated time to meet.

9) Email inquiries
As always, I am happy to answer your questions over email but in general, please allow at least two business days for a response before emailing me again – and remember that the advising offices are closed on the weekends so if you email on a Saturday or Sunday (or holiday), please give me a day or two back in the office to respond. I try to get back to everyone quickly but it can get pretty hectic around certain times of the quarter so your patience is truly appreciated. If you have an urgent issue that needs more immediate attention, mention that in your email and I’ll do my best to respond sooner.

10) SAFS Undergrad Email list and emails
I want to remind you all that you are expected to read any email that is sent you via the safsundergrad@uw listserv, especially if it comes directly from me. Anyone registered in the AFS major is automatically subscribed to the list so you should all be getting any emails I send out. I know that you all get a ton of email every day and it is certainly not my intention to unnecessarily contribute to inbox congestion BUT I generally only email you when I have important information to share so I ask you to make an effort to at least glance through any email you receive via this list to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. I try to archive many of the emails that are sent to the list on the student services blog so if you think you missed an email, remember getting one but can’t find it or suspect that you’re not getting emails via this list (in which case, you’re probably not reading this now), then you should be able to get the info through the blog.



These dates are also featured and accessible on MyUW




  • September 9 – First day tuition & fee balance is available on MyUW
  • October 7-29 – One-half tuition due if withdrawing for the quarter
  • October 16 – Tuition payment deadline for all registered students
  • October 13 – Late Tuition Payment Period begins (requires a Late-payment Fee)
  • October 30 – Full tuition due if withdrawing for the quarter


  • October 16 – Winter Quarter Time Schedule available online (subject to change)
  • November 6-22 – Registration Period I:
    • Nov 6 – Graduate, Professional, Graduating Seniors (GSP) or Postbacs, Students with Disabilities
    • Nov 9 – Seniors, Postbacs
    • Nov 12 – Juniors
    • Nov 16 – Sophomores
    • Nov 19 – Freshmen
  • Nov. 23-Jan. 3 – Registration Period II
  • Jan. 4-10 – Registration Period III

More Autumn Quarter dates/deadlines


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