Celebrating Resilient Feminism

Celebrating Resilient Feminism
5:30 – 8 PM on Thursday, March 30
Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center, Unity Room 1
Historically, womxn of color have been overlooked in movements for social justice. Additionally, we seldom see womxn of color highlighted at leadership events. “Celebrating Resilient Feminism” will create a space to celebrate womxn of color leaders and their achievements, listen to their perspectives, and learn from their lessons. 

Spring: ESRM 435/436 Just bugging you….about Insect Ecology!

Sorry for being punny….happy last week of Winter Quarter classes! 🙂
Here’s a course that may be of interest to your students, and thank you for posting it!
ESRM 435 (14193) 3-credit lecture Tu-Th 2:30-3:50
ESRM 436 (14194) 2-credit optional lab F 11:30-1:20
Prereq: BIOL 161 (from transfer or AP) or  BIOL 180
Course description: Covers major principles of ecology as they apply to insects, and follows a level of organization from the individual to populations to communities. 

SAFS in the News: ‘Black swan’ events strike animal populations

SAFS postdoctoral researcher Sean Anderson and SAFS professor Trevor Branch are featured in UW Today:
‘Black swan events are rare and surprising occurrences that happen without notice and often wreak havoc on society. The metaphor has been used to describe banking collapses, devastating earthquakes and other major surprises in financial, social and natural systems.
A new analysis by the University of Washington and Simon Fraser University is the first to document that black swan events also occur in animal populations and usually manifest as massive, unexpected die-offs. 

Spring: CHID 270C Graphic Novels & Jewish Memory

Explore the graphic novel as a medium for personal and collective memory making. Ask questions about how visual narratives help tell stories and preserve memories.

The course uses Jewish-authored graphic novels – from Art Spiegelman’s Maus to Vanessa Davis’ Make Me a Woman – to offer a specific focus and context for the history of the art form and universal themes about memory, trauma and belonging. 

ARCTIC 401 Introduction to Arctic Climate System

Please share this fantastic opportunity with your students! Students will get a chance to be taught by an exceptional faculty who is the only instructor teaching this course. ARCTIC 401 subjects are changed every year based on the visiting fulbright expertise. Students may not get to take another class like this!

Our incoming UW 2016-17 Canada Visiting Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies, Kent Moore, will be teaching the core course for the Arctic Studies Minor, ARCTIC 401: Introduction to Arctic Climate System. 

Summer Field Course: Sustainable Water in a Wet Region

Late Application being accepted until March 15. It’s not too late to be a part of this unique learning opportunity!
ENGINEERING WASHINGTON: Sustainable Water in a Wet Region – a course on wheels!.
Summer B (~July 20 to August 19); 6 credits. $4700 (~$2000 instruction; $2700 fees) – includes all meals, hotels, transportation, speakers, entrance fees and activity fees!
Financial Aid applies. 

Apply for a 2017-18 SAFS Undergrad Recruiting Scholarship! Deadline: April 9

2017-18 SAFS Undergraduate Recruiting Scholarship
Application deadline: April 9, 2017

The School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) is pleased to announce the availability of the SAFS Undergraduate Recruiting Scholarship for the 2017-18 Academic Year.
The SAFS Undergraduate Recruiting Scholarship is awarded to incoming UW undergraduates who exhibit exceptional academic achievement demonstrated by overall GPA and other measurable academic merit. Financial need may also be considered – need will be determined by the UW Office of Student Financial Aid and requires submission of the 2017 FAFSA. 

Apply for a 2017-18 SAFS Current Majors Scholarship! Deadline: April 9

2017-18 Scholarships for Current SAFS Majors
Application deadline: April 9, 2017
The School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for continuing undergraduate students.
We are accepting applications for the following scholarships in 2017-18 – students may apply to all scholarships at the same time via the application form:

Galloway Applied Fishery Sciences Scholarship
The David and Debra Galloway Applied Fishery Sciences Scholarship is awarded to UW SAFS undergraduate students with a demonstrated financial need and academic merit – financial need will be determined by the UW Office of Student Financial Aid and requires submission of the 2017 FAFSA. 

NOW HIRING 3 summer pre-doc instructors for Q SCI undergrad courses

Center for Quantitative Science
Summer Quarter 2017
Predoctoral Instructor Positions
The Center for Quantitative Science announces three Predoctoral Instructor positions available for Summer Quarter 2017. Positions will be filled subject to available funds from the Summer Quarter Office
Q SCI 291 (Analysis for Biologists I): Predoctoral Instructor
The instructor will have full responsibility for the course.  Q SCI 291 will meet Monday through Friday daily from 8:30 a.m. 

GPSS Conference on May 6

As the end of the quarter is coming, you must be busy working on your term papers and projects. Why don’t you share your wonderful work right on our campus? GPSS hosts a conference for UW graduate and professional students on May 6. This conference is to think about what we do and study as graduate and professional students in the changing geopolitical climate. 

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