Salmon Stories December 9th noon at the Rose Theater in Port Townsend

We are showing 2 films on salmon recovery
River As Spirit – Rebirth of the Elwha
This film is a meditation on the soul of the Elwha River and the people and salmon who have been a part of it for thousands of years. Just before the historic dam removal work officially began; filmmakers flew and filmed the length of the river, from its source high in the Olympic Mountains to the mouth at the Strait of Juan De Fuca in slow motion and with the high end Cineflex 600K camera. 

SAFS Autumn Capstone Symposium – Wednesday, December 5

It’s time again for our quarterly SAFS Capstone Symposium, when our graduating scientists show the results of all their hard work. Whether your interests are freshwater or marine, vertebrate or invertebrate– there’s something for everyone.
When: this Wednesday, Dec. 5th, 4:00-5:15 pm
Where: room 107
4:00 Shannon Hennessey (Essington): Effects of hypoxia on demersal fish and macroinvertebrate
distributions in Hood Canal, Washington
4:15 Nate Fuchs (Schindler): Abundance and quantitative analysis of aquatic invertebrates in four
streams of Wood River Watershed
4:30 Bradley Chi (Roberts): Effects of photoperiod and mechanical stress on Olympia oyster physiology
4:45 Hannah Harper (Simenstad): Diel temperature and dissolved oxygen patterns within salmon-inhabited sloughs of the Columbia River and the effectiveness of tide gates as a restoration tool
5:00 Brian Harmon (Quinn): Diet overlap between shorthead sculpins (Cottus confusus) and brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in the Salmon River basin, Idaho 

Study Abroad with the Honors Program Updates

A reminder about our upcoming study abroad and exchanges information sessions. During 2013-2014 Honors will offer faculty-led programs in Italy, Berlin & Spain, Sierra Leone, and Bangalore; and direct exchanges to Argentina, Netherlands, and Tokyo.
Credit available includes Honors core credit (areas of knowledge designated) as well as departmental credits (program specific, please see individual program websites below):
Italy: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Tivoli, and Bomarzo. 

2013 George Melendez Wright Climate Change Youth Initiative

The National Park Service and the UW College of the Environment are pleased to announce the 2013 George Melendez Wright Climate Change Youth Initiative.
This program provides opportunities for young people to work on diverse issues related to climate change and its effects in national parks. The opportunities take two forms – competitive fellowships awarded to advanced graduate students (Masters and Doctorate levels) to support their independent research, and paid internships in which undergraduate or beginning graduate students work for approximately 12 weeks on projects in research, interpretation, park operations, policy development, or other fields. 

Sharing the struggle of Pacific Lamprey

Dear fish folks, water wonks, and river people,
I’m writing to ask for your help in bringing some attention to the conservation needs of Pacific Lamprey within your circles.
As you can imagine, Pacific lamprey are as much misunderstood as they are unknown. As they become increasingly discussed in conservation and T&E contexts, there is a tendency to confuse them with Sea Lamprey, or dismiss them as parasites or ‘trash fish’… and a risk of leaving their cultural, ecological, and evolutionary values unspoken for. 

Plenty of room in FISH 101 Water and Society (NW/I&S) – Winter 2013

Still plenty of space left in FISH 101 in Winter Quarter!
Melting Glaciers Mean Double Trouble for Water Supplies
Colorado Wildfires Threaten Water Supplies
Do you read articles like these and want to know more about how human population, climate change and more affect fresh water ecosystems and supplies? Then you should take FISH 101 in Winter Quarter 2013 – it counts for NW or I&S! 

ATM S 101: Weather!

Please pass on the following information to your students or post the flyer. This is a perfect introductory course for anyone interested in atmospheric sciences or looking to satisfy a NW requirement!
ATM S 101 Weather (5) NW (SLN 10662)
Jerome Patoux (jerome)
MTWTh 10:30-11:20 KNE 220
Quiz section Th/F
An overview of the atmospheric sciences with an emphasis on weather, from Seattle weather to tornadoes, and from wind, clouds, rain and snow, to thunderstorms and hurricanes. 

WA Sea Grant Fellowships

Washington Sea Grant is currently seeking applications for the following fellowships. Please visit for more information about each fellowship, and contact Nancy Reichley at or 206-685-8302 with questions.
2014 Dean John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship: This fellowship provides eligible graduate students a one-year work experience on the staff of the U.S. Congress or with a Federal agency dealing with marine issues. 

UW News story about hungry salmon

Check out the UW News article on hungry salmon, highlighting a recent PNAS article on Columbia River food webs co-authored by Profs. Robert Naiman and Dave Beauchamp (among others). 

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