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EDUC 401 Environmental Alternative Spring Break Information

Hey UW students!
Have you thought about what you want to do over spring break? Do you want to travel to a rural or tribal community in Washington and help facilitate hands on environmental education and science projects in elementary/middle school classrooms? Then you should apply for Pipeline Project’s Environmental Alternative Spring Break! As a part of EASB, you will enroll in a 2-credit planning seminar during winter quarter to work in a team and develop lesson plans, fundraise, and gain experience volunteering in local classrooms or environmental organizations. 

Invented Languages: from Elvish to Dothraki (VLPA & W)

ENGL 270: Invented languages: from Elvish to Dothraki (VLPA, W)

MW 12:30-2:20
SLN 13947

The creative force of language is nowhere so apparent as in the fictional languages that we invent. The earliest constructed language (or conlang) that we have records of is by a twelfth century nun, and people have been crafting languages ever since: to create community, to solve social problems, and to tell a good story. 

New class for science majors, writers, journalists!

ENGL 206: EVERYDAY RHETORIC (Everyday Scientific Rhetoric) (VLPA, W-Writing)

MW 2:30-4:20
SLN 13921

We don’t usually think of “Rhetoric” and “Science” as two words that belong in the same sentence. “Rhetoric” is often used to describe language practices that are showy but intentionally deceptive (as in “empty rhetoric”). Meanwhile, scientific argument is all about the transparent communication of facts. So, there’s no rhetoric in science… right? 

ENVIR Courses – Winter 2015

There are great Environmental Studies courses available to students in any program for Winter 2015.
ENVIR 239 – Sustainability: Personal Choices, Broad Impacts
Instructor: Megan Horst, Program on the Environment
Kristi Straus, Program on the Environment
Days and Time: MWF, 1:30-2:20pm
Credits: 3 (SLN 14185) or 5 (SLN 14186, requires additional 50 hours of service learning)
Answer questions such as:
· What does sustainability mean? 

2 great winter courses in English–Superheros AND Literature of the Environment

Superheroes and the idea of the "Superman" in Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more.
Plus historical and philosophical contexts in cultural anxieties, utopia, World War II and Nazi ideology.
English 365b (VLPA) –
Global climate change has been described as the “end of nature.” What does that mean for art?
For literature? What is “nature” anyway? This course will explore the implications for reading,
enjoying and thinking about imaginative literature and art in the context of global environmental

Winter 2015 course announcement: Puget Sound and Estuarine Oceanography

Ocean and SAFS graduate and upper level undergraduate students,
Parker MacCready and I will be teaching our Puget Sound and Estuarine Oceanography course this Winter quarter. This course has typically been offered each 2-3 years, and is geared towards providing an understanding of the main processes that affect the environment of Puget Sound and other estuaries. See below for some of the topic areas we will cover. 

Application for Engage C ENV 500: Communicating Science to the Public Effectively

Communicating Science to the Public Effectively (CENV 500)
Winter 2015
3 credits (Credit/No Credit)
Meets Wednesdays 1:30-4:20 in Fish 203
This is a seminar, discussion-based course for graduate students in the sciences that focuses on effective techniques for sharing scientific research with non-specialists. At the end of the quarter, each student will present a 20 minute public talk on their graduate research to be delivered during the 2015 Engage: The Science Speaker Series at Town Hall Seattle. 

Join the Dream Project

The Dream Project is a student-run organization with over 400 mentors that support high school students in low-income areas in Seattle on applying to college and other post-secondary planning.
The details:

Mentor students on the crazy process that is college admissions & beyond!
You can take it for 2 credits or volunteer. For credit, register for EDUC 260 and EDUC 369 on your UW registration. 

Open Classes in ENVIR

Just wanted to let you all know, as you work with students who may not have yet registered for Autumn, that a few ENVIR courses (I&S/NW/DIV credits) suitable for all majors are still open! Please share with your students as appropriate.
ENVIR 100 (I&S/NW): Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations

Introduces environmental studies through interdisciplinary examination of the ethical, political, social, and scientific dimensions of current and historical environmental issues. 

Spotlight on Three Pipeline Project Seminars

Welcome back to another bustling autumn quarter. The Pipeline Project has a wonderful assortment of credit variable courses for autumn quarter, these are all Credit/No Credit courses listed under EDUC 401 and all of them offer I&S Credits . Please spread the word to students who are interested in education as well as opportunities for service learning. For these seminars, the number of credits a student receives depends on the number of tutoring hours completed in addition to seminar attendance. 

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