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Employer Panel Event- “Careers In the Tech Industry for All Majors”

Are you interested in working for a tech company but aren’t a computer science student? Join us to learn about the hundreds of jobs in tech companies for non-tech majors! Hear from a panel of employers (DocuSign, Expedia, Google, Payscale) about what those jobs are and how to apply for them. Come for the panel and stay for time to mingle and talk with panelists after the event. 

King County Native Plant Salvage Event: November 7, 2015

We’re digging up native plants and need your help!
Join other volunteers digging up trees and shrubs from this future college site in the morning and then dig free plants for yourself! In the afternoon, we’ll pot-up the salvaged plants at the nursery where free potted plants are given away! The plants will be installed on King County environmental restoration projects, where they will help reduce erosion, shade streams and provide habitat. 

Back-to-Back Disability Studies Program and D Center Events!

The D Center and Disability Studies Program will be hosting back-to-back events this Friday, October 9th and YOU are invited to attend!
Disability Studies Open House 4:00-6:00pm at Smith Hall 017:
Come check out the Disability Studies Program new office! There will be snacks and tea to enjoy!
D Center Autumn Welcome Back Event from 6:00pm-8:00pm at MGH 024:
It’s the D Center’s Autumn Welcome Back Event! 

Migration Crisis Lecture Series

UW Philosophers Talk about the Migration Crisis
When?  Wednesdays at Noon (specific dates below)
Where?  Gather round the Big Table outside of the Philosophy Office in Savery Hall 361
October 14              Human Rights                      Bill Talbott
What does it mean to have a human right to asylum?  What is that a right to?  What should the U.S. be doing to secure that right for asylum seekers from the Middle East?   

Register now for U Lead We Lead 2015

Husky Leadership Initiative Home Page

You are invited to the fourth annual
Husky Leadership Initiative kick-off event: 
U Lead We Lead: Leadership for Social Change
October 15, 6 – 8 p.m.
HUB Ballroom
Dinner provided
Register today!
U Lead We Lead is a cross-campus collaboration of faculty, staff and students that uses the art of storytelling to motivate leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Internship w/ the Queer Student Commission, Queer Health Fair and more!

Internship! Events!

Hey all!
Hopefully everyones had a great summer and is having a great time back on campus!

I’m very excited to be serving as this years Director of the Queer Student Commission, if anyone has any questions about the plans for the year or would just like to stop by to chat about the internship, any other involvement opportunities, or just life in general come visit me in HUB 131P! 

CLUE Dawg Daze Events

We have 3 academic workshops and Trivia Night happening this week. Please advertise these events to your students as you meet with them. Thanks for your support. Hope you are having a good start of the week!! 

September GRE Prep & Basic Math Course- UW Women’s Center

We have scheduled our GRE Prep and Basic Math courses for September and would appreciate your help in spreading the word about these awesome UW Women’s Center classes. The Women’s Center is a non-profit organization located on the University of Washington Campus.
Below are the dates and times for our September Series:
GRE and Basic Math Refresher Classes
September 13th, 20th, 27th and October 4th
GRE: 10AM – 1:30PM
Online Registration Link: https://apm.activecommunities.com/uwwomenscenter/Activity_Search
Attached is the printable PDF of the flyer as well. 

Dependable Strengths workshop: June 19 & 22

Looking to start a career? Are you seeking a career change? Or, simply interested in exploring how to enhance your current employment situation? The Career Center’s Dependable Strengths Workshop is an excellent resource for alumni and students in any stage of career development and transition.
Friday, June 19th & Monday, June 22nd, 2015
8:15am – 5:00pm
You will identify the unique strengths and talents you offer employers and learn how to leverage them to find a satisfying career. 

SAFS Spring capstone symposium this Friday, June 5, 2:00-6:00 in FSH 107

It’s time again for our graduating seniors to tell us all about the cutting-edge research they’ve been quietly doing here at SAFS.
With 17 presentations under 14 different advisers, there’s bound to be something for everyone!
FSH 107 Friday June 5
2:00- Jordan Lee (Holtgrieve) Temporal variation in fatty acid composition of migrating Alaskan sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchhus nerka)
2:15- Lilia Bannister (Essington) The effect of size, season, and tissue type on the trophic level of lion’s mane jellyfish, Cyanea capillata
2:30- Breanne Ward (Straus) Developing a fisheries/environmental science weekend program for underprivileged high schools
2:45- Jessica Kimber (Jensen) Intelligent and behavioral characteristics of the stubby squid, Rossia pacifica
3:00- Rachelle Johnson (Skalski) Barotrauma in juvenile salmonids exposed to simulated hydro-turbine passage: evaluating the rate of pressure change
3:15- Amber Sant’Angelo (Roni) Impact of soil composition upon tree survival for riparian habitat restoration within the Snohomish and Stillaguamish water basins
3:30- Chris Repar (Roni) Factors affecting the diel emigration timing of juvenile coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) in three Washington streams using PIT tag data
3:45- Jeff Lou (Simenstad) A spatial and temporal analysis of groundfish communities in the Puget Sound
4:00- Kali Williams (Helser) Characterization of the ontogenetic migratory patterns of giant grenadier based on environmental influences on otolith elemental composition
4:15- Dejah Sanchez (Schindler) Analysis of long term changes in sex ratio of Daphnia in response to environmental variation
4:30- Madelyn Berentson (Gidmark) Bite and suction forces of the adductor muscle in sculpin
4:45- Rylen Nakama (Jensen) The impact of a large nonindigenous crab (Scylla serrata) on a native crab species’ (Thalamita crenata) abundance and distribution on Oahu, Hawaii
5:00- Andrew Wilson (Beauchamp) Tiger muskie predator-prey interactions in Lake Merwin
5:15- Nancy Huizar (Jensen) Distinguishing the first zoea of the northern kelp crab, Pugettia producta
5:30- Russell Crandall (Buckley) Feeding habits of walleye pollock and arrowtooth flounder in the Gulf of Alaska in 2005
5:45- Jake Kvistad (McDonald) Combining historical data and spatial statistics to investigate the ecology of a data limited stock of blue king crab in the Bering Sea
6:00- Burlyn Birkemeier (Laidre) Mean pupping date of Steller sea lions in Cape Wrangell, the Aleutian Islands 

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