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Plenty of room in FISH 101 Water and Society (NW/I&S) – Winter 2013

Still plenty of space left in FISH 101 in Winter Quarter!
Melting Glaciers Mean Double Trouble for Water Supplies
Colorado Wildfires Threaten Water Supplies
Do you read articles like these and want to know more about how human population, climate change and more affect fresh water ecosystems and supplies? Then you should take FISH 101 in Winter Quarter 2013 – it counts for NW or I&S! 

ATM S 101: Weather!

Please pass on the following information to your students or post the flyer. This is a perfect introductory course for anyone interested in atmospheric sciences or looking to satisfy a NW requirement!
ATM S 101 Weather (5) NW (SLN 10662)
Jerome Patoux (jerome)
MTWTh 10:30-11:20 KNE 220
Quiz section Th/F
An overview of the atmospheric sciences with an emphasis on weather, from Seattle weather to tornadoes, and from wind, clouds, rain and snow, to thunderstorms and hurricanes. 

Space available in CHID courses – VLPA, I&S and 2cr classes!

CHID 250C: Utopias Gone Awry: Conflict & Paradise in the Black Sea Region- 10 spaces left!
SLN 12222 (I&S)
Many of the countries surrounding the Black Sea have seen themselves as utopias, but these seeming havens have all been caught in the turbulent geo-political history of the region. Beginning with a historical overview for background, we will then focus on literature and films from Bulgaria, Romania, the Crimea, the Republic of Georgia, and Turkey, to explore the dynamics of power and history that have affected the area. 

Two New C Lit Courses accessible to everyone, no prerequisites!

C LIT 357: Literature and Film VLPA
SLN 20828 5 Cr, T/F 3:30-5:20 SAV 155
Instructor: Yizhong Gu
This course focuses on the correlation between literature and film in reflecting and constructing the Chinese social ideologies during the 20th century. The narrative of sacrifice and martyrdom is one of the prominent ideologies to build up the new China as a nation-state. 

ENGL 285: Writers on Writing – Great VLPA Course for Non English Majors!

Writers on Writing
T 12:30-1:50 p.m., TH 12:30-1:20 p.m.
In this class the collective UW Creative Writing faculty, along with
other visiting artists, will remember in public why they do what
they do. On ten sequential Tuesdays, they will speak in depth about
what interests them most, including the ways and means of poetry,
fiction, nonfiction, and the joys and vagaries of inspiration,
education, artistic practice, and the writing life. 

Grad Course on Communicating Science to the Public Effectively – Winter 2013

Communicating Science to the Public Effectively (CENV 500)
Winter 2013
3 credits (Credit/No Credit)
Meets Tuesdays 9:30-12:20 in Fish 203
This is a seminar, discussion-based course for graduate students in the sciences that focuses on effective techniques for sharing scientific research with non-specialists. At the end of the quarter, each student will present a 30 minute public talk on their graduate research to be delivered during the 2013 Engage: The Science Speaker Series at Town Hall Seattle. 

Pipeline Project–Winter Quarter Seminars

Are you interested in learning more about the world of K-12 education?
Thinking of teaching as a possible career?
Would you like to make a difference in the life of a young person?
If so, check out the Inner Pipeline seminars offered by the Pipeline Project during Winter Quarter. Students attend a seminar and tutor in Seattle schools or community organizations for 2.5 hours or more (per week) for academic credit. 

WIN 13 ENV H 442 Zoonotic Diseases

ENV H 442 Zoonotic Diseases is open to students from all majors who have completed BIOL 220 or equivalent. See below and attached for more information:
Winter Quarter
MWF 10:30 – 11:20
T-359 Health Sciences
3 Credits • SLN 13822
This course examines the transmission and control of zoonotic and vector-borne diseases of public health importance.
>From the dawn of human history until the present day, humans and animals have been sharing their pathogens and diseases. 

Winter 2013 courses for those interested in Asia –with VLPA, I&S, and possible W-(writing) credit

Please forward to undergraduates who may have an interest in Asia:
Are you interested in learning more about the literature and culture of China, India, Japan, Korea, or Taiwan, with topics including The Silk Road, Buddhism, Erotic Poetry, and Translation? Check out these winter quarter classes:
Asian Languages and Literature
Courses of General Interest (no prerequisites; open to all majors)
for I&S, VLPA, and (for JAPAN 360) optional W-prefix credit
Winter 2013
ASIAN 201 Mediaeval China and the Silk Road
Cultural history, religion, literature, foreign contacts & interactions, and the linguistic environment along China’s Silk Road. 

ESRM 321, Finance & Accounting from a Sustainability Perspective, SLN 13951

ESRM 321 is an introductory business course designed for non-business majors, has NO prerequisites, and gives NW and I & S credit. More info is below . . .
ESRM 321, Finance & Accounting From a Sustainability Perspective
SLN 13951, 5 credits, NW and I&S credit
TU/TH 5:30-8 PM
Student evaluations are at https://www.washington.edu/cec/e/ESRM321A1463.html.
Taught by a former stock broker, ESRM 321 explores finance and accounting fundamentals, stock markets and investing, and sustainable * business practices that respect best environmental science methods and ethical social responsibility standards. 

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