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Spring 2013 Online Courses Available

Register for Spring 2013 online courses
Register now for spring quarter online classes. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of the University of Washington’s online courses. As a UW matriculated student, this spring you can take some of the most popular online credit classes as part of your normal tuition load and pay an online fee of only $350 per class. These select online courses are offered in a group-start format, which means you can interact with your classmates and complete the course during the quarter. 

Spring 2013 course for Freshman and Sophomores from the Urban Planning Department – URBDP 200

URBDP 200 Introduction to Urbanization: Planning and Designing Alternative Urban Futures (5) I&S
Introduces how cities work and explores alternative ways of planning and designing urban futures. Explores the economic, cultural, political, and social aspects of cities and how we might change them for the better. Also examines numerous case studies from the Global North and South.


Friday Harbor Summer Course – BIOL 533 Sensory Biology and Behavior of Fishes

Last chance to sign up for the new course, Sensory Biology & Behavior of Fishes – Biology 533 (9 credits). This course is a project-based, 6 week, 9 credit, graduate course offered
at the U Washington’s Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island in the summer of 2013.
Open to graduate students and highly motivated undergraduates. Fellowships and scholarships available. Only a few slots

Spring 2013 Contemporary Black Cinemas Class – C Lit 303

C Lit 303 – SLN 11652Tamara Cooper

SAV 166

Black Contemporary Cinemas is open to AIS, AES, CHID, ENGL, GWSS, DRAMA and C Lit students during Period 1 registration as well as students in performance studies. No prior film analysis knowledge is necessary.
C Lit 303 runs 4 days/ week with two days for screening and two days for lecture. 

Go Walkabout in the Australian Outback! 2013 Exploration Seminar with ESS

Go Walkabout in the Australian Outback
2013 Exploration Seminar in Australia
Tentative Dates: 8/26-9/22 2013
Come participate in exploring some of the great wilderness areas of the Northern Territory and Northern Western Australia to experience, first hand, its geology and wildlife! Interested students who have taken 2 ESS courses by the date of departure can find more details on the IPE website:
Please note: students joining us on this exploration seminar need not be ESS majors, but will need to have taken 2 courses from our department. 

Save the Date! Summer 2013 Faroe Islands Program Information Session

§ “It was the most satisfying and inspiring event of my life.”
§ “Best quarter of UW! Learned so much and enjoyed it all.”
-Students on Thurtle’s CHID’s Iceland Program
Program Description:
When Islands Sing: The Human and Non-Human Resonances of the Faroe Islands
Director: Phillip Thurtle
Full-term Summer 2013
Program cost: $4600
Application deadline: Feb. 

study_abroad: Croatia August 24th – Sept. 24th, 2013

Study Abroad in Croatia – Early Fall Exploration Seminar Program
August 24th, – September 24th, 2013
Department of Landscape Architecture – University of Washington
The Summer Croatia Design/Build 2013 Program is a service learning opportunity which brings students to the Psihijatrijska Bolnica Rab on the Island of Rab on the Mid-Adriatic Coast. Students will collaborate with our partners, the residents and therapists at the hospital to design and build some small modest therapeutic spaces within the hospital complex. 

New Orleans Design/Build Summer 2013

Summer Design/Build New Orleans, La – June 17th, 2013 – July 26th, 2013
4-6 credits LARCH 498C , Applications due by May 20th, 2013
Information sessions are scheduled for: March 22 and April 16, 2013, 12:30 pm, Rm 312
Gould Hall Orientation meetings will be held: 5/22 and 6/12 times TBD
This course is open to students at all levels and from all disciplines. 

Scientific Diving Certification Class – FHL, Summer 2013

Friday Harbor Labs
Scientific Diving Certification Class
August 12 – 25, 2013

This non-credit short course includes all the components required to achieve current scientific diving status with the American Academy of Underwater Scientists, www.aaus.org, and the University of Washington, www.uw.edu.
Included will be First Aid/CPR and Oxygen for SCUBA emergencies certifications and a full SCUBA rescue course resulting in PADI certification. 

Q Sci 291 – Online Offering in Spring Quarter

Please let your students know about our Q Sci 291 (Analysis for Biologists I) online class for spring quarter. This is the first time we have offered this class online. Please see below for a message from the instructor:
The Center for Quantitative Science is fortunate to be able to expand its offering of Q SCI 291 – Analysis for Biologists I through a new online version of the course. 

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