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Career Offerings for Students: NAVIGATING CAREER OPTIONS class and (new) CAREER SUCCESS CERTIFICATE!

NAVIGATING CAREER OPTIONS CLASS (General Studies 350D), Spring 2013
Curious how to link college to careers? Do you need to choose a major? Not sure what academic and career options are out there? About to graduate but not sure what to do next? Interested in finding ‘what is right for you’? Wondering what you can do and how to think in a challenging economy? 

Spring 2013 Volunteer/ESRM Credit Opportunity Work with 5th graders to Teach about the Outdoors

Who: Undergrads or Graduate students with a passion for teaching about the outdoors and working with elementary school students.
What: Fall City Elementary 5th grade teachers are seeking volunteers to help teach outdoor education classes to 5th grade students during their trip to Seabeck May 21-24. Volunteers will work with teachers to develop and teach a specific class to multiple groups of students during their 4-day trip. 

Inner Pipeline Seminars Spring 2013

Are you interested in learning more about the world of K-12 education?
Thinking of teaching as a possible career?
Would you like to make a difference in the life of a young person?
If so, check out the Inner Pipeline seminars offered by The Pipeline Project during Spring Quarter 2013. Students receive credit for attending a seminar once a week and tutoring in Seattle schools or community organizations for 2.5 hours or more per week.There are a wide range of seminar topics.Here is a comprehensive list of our upcoming offerings:

Higher Education Tutoring & Mentorship (EDUC 401 G&H)
Arts and K-12 Education (EDUC 401 Y)


General Issues in K-12 Education (EDUC 401B)
Literacy and Justice through Photograph (EDUC 401 Z)
Non-profits and Education (EDUC 401 V)
Leadership in Education Equity (EDUC 401 X)


Teaching/Tutoring English Language Learners (EDUC 401 A)
General Issues in K-12 Education (EDUC 401E)
Education in the Justice System (401F)
Refugee Communities (EDUC 401J)
Education for Sustainability (EDUC 401K)
Strength Based Education: Serving the Underserved (EDUC 401 W)
Mentoring in Educational Psychology (EDUC 401)


Philosophy for Children (EDUC 401 L)
Math and Science in K-12 Education (EDUC 401 I)
Literacy and Justice through Photograph (EDUC 401 Z)
COOL Science Education (EDUC 401 )

Details and descriptions for each seminar may be found on our website:
All students should attend a mandatory Pipeline orientation prior to the first class session.You may sign-up and rsvp at:
Please contact us at pipeline with additional questions.We look forward to working with you. 

Arctic Courses-Spring Quarter!

Please forward to your undergrad/grad students know about these two incoming scholars and their courses on the Arctic. Please note that both courses will be capped so interested students should register early. Also, for students interested in a minor in Arctic Studies, these classes can be applied toward that minor (pending the approval of the minor).
Visiting Scholars in Arctic Studies Offer Two Spring Quarter Classes! 

GWSS 290 New Gender and Sport course for spring

Hello Everyone,
The Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Department has an interesting new course for spring,
GWSS 290 Gender and Sport (M-F, 12:30-1:20, SLN#14400).
The course is designed to explore ideas about how sports shape our ideas and assumptions about masculinity and femininity, and how ideas about athletes, professional and amateur, reflect and challenge social norms about gender, sexuality, race and class. 

ESRM 489 (5 credits): Costa Rica Exploration Seminar/ Info Session Feb. 14th 9am and 4pm

Environmental & Forest Sciences Costa Rica: Natural History of Costa Rica
Location: Various Locales (cities, mountains & beaches of Costa Rica’s Pacific slope)
Department: School of Environmental & Forest Sciences
Course Listing: ESRM 489 (5 credits)
Dates: August 30 – September 22, 2013
Program Fee: $3,900 (Financial aid often applicable)
Program Director: John Marzluff (Environmental & Forest Sciences), Marc Miller (Marine Affairs), Jack Delap (Environmental & Forest Sciences)
UPCOMING INFORMATION SESSION: February 14th, 9am & 4pm; Anderson Hall, Room 30
Are you interested in natural science and human culture? 

Disability in Limited Resource Environments: Study Abroad in Brazil, Summer 2013

Just a reminder about this great study abroad opportunity in Brazil in A term in Summer 2013. The deadline to apply is about one week from now. The program would be of interest to people studying topics like: global health, human rights, social justice, pre-health, social welfare, disability, politics, diversity, and sociology. See below and also the attached flyer for more information. 

Lower Division Spring Courses of Public Health Interest

Please share these lower division spring courses with your interested students:
HSERV 100 Personal and Public Health (3) I&S
Provides an overview of the key components of health and wellness including the balance between individual responsibility and social determinants of public health, emphasizing a holistic preventative model. Incorporates self-assessment and considers the impact of personal, family, social, cultural, and environmental factors on health. 

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