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Cole Monnahan has passed his MS defense!

Please congratulate Cole Monnahan for successfully defending his Masters today.  His thesis was on “Population Trends of the Eastern North Pacific Blue Whale”.  His faculty adviser is Trevor Branch.  

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Rachel Lange MS Final Exam

Rachel Lange will be presenting her MS thesis on Friday, August 23rd at 10:00am in FSH 203. 
The title of her thesis is: Patterns of bacterial communities in aquatic ecosystems.
Rachel’s faculty adviser is Claire Horner-Devine. 
All are welcome to attend.  

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John Frew: Final Exam. Tues. Aug. 20th 10am

John Frew will be giving his final exam on Tuesday, August 20th from 10am to 2pm. 
The title of his talk is: Environmental and systemic exposure assessment for green sturgeon following application of imidacloprid in Willapa Bay, WA.
John’s faculty chair is Christian Grue.
All are welcome to attend.
When: Tuesday, Aug. 20th, 10am
Where: 019 Kane Hal 

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Brianna Blaud will be defending her thesis!

Brianna Blaud will be defending her master’s thesis, entitled “Spatial and temporal patterns of fertilization in black abalone (Haliotis cracherodii Leach, 1814): analysis of surrogate gamete spawning experiments with application towards populations on San Nicolas Island, CA.”
When: Wednesday, August 14th at 2pm
Where: FSH 203
Brianna’s chair is Glenn VanBlaricom.
All are welcome to attend.  

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David Lawrence is defending his dissertation!

David’s final exam will be held on Thursday, August 8th at 10 AM in FSH 203.
The title of his presentation will be: “Life at the upstream edge: Contemporary controls and future predictions of non-native smallmouth bass range expansion into salmon-rearing habitat.” 
David’s chair is Julian Olden.
All are welcome to attend 

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Iris Kemp M.S. Final Exam

Iris Kemp will be presenting her MS Thesis entitled “Pelagic resource use by Puget Sound fishes.”
Her chair is David Beauchamp.
Date: Tuesday, July 16
Time: 9:00am
Place: Fishery Science (FSH) 203
All are welcome. 

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Marine Brieuc’s Thesis Presentation

Marine Brieuc is defending her thesis entitled, “An evaluation of the role of adaptation in salmon evolution using genome based approaches.”  
Her chair is Kerry Naish.
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM
Place: Fishery Sciences (FISH) 203
All are welcome to attend. 

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Ecological response and physical stability of habitat enhancements along an urban armored shoreline

Ecological response and physical stability of habitat enhancements along an urban armored shoreline
Jason D. Tofta, Corresponding author contact information, E-mail the corresponding author,
Andrea S. Ogstonb,
Sarah M. Heerhartza,
Jeffery R. Cordella,
Emilie E. Flemerb

Shoreline enhancements seek to restore upon armored conditions.
In our study the two enhancements were a habitat bench and pocket beach.
Juvenile Chinook salmon and larval fishes used the habitat bench and pocket beach. 

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