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Centennial Story 2: William G. Clark (PhD, 1975)

In 1969, I had a degree in economics and mathematics from the University of Michigan, but what I really wanted to do was to go to graduate school and build computer models of marine ecosystems. I interviewed at a number of oceanography departments, and they all turned me down because I didn’t have any undergraduate credits in biology. UW was my last stop. 

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Centennial Story 1: Dick Myhre (School of Fisheries, BS 1950)

I graduated from high school in 1939 and enlisted in the Washington National Guard in November of that year.  The National Guard was activated in September 1940 and that meant I was on active duty in the Army.  I received my Honorable Discharge in October 1945 and was able to attend the UW on the GI Bill.  Many ex-service men and women were anxious to continue their education, as I was, and I think there were about 50 students who selected a career in fisheries and enrolled at the UW School of Fisheries. 

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