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SAFS Newsletter – Spring / Summer 2019 Director’s Message

André Punt

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the first e-issue of the SAFS newsletter in many years. This e-version allows us to include much more material than our printed issues, which is great because there is always a lot going on at SAFS. The fall-winter issue of the newsletter will continue to be published as both an online PDF and a printed piece for those on our mailing list. 

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Mark Scheuerell Joins the SAFS faculty

Mark Scheuerell

By André Punt
Mark Scheuerell is the newest member of the SAFS faculty. He joins SAFS as the Assistant Unit Leader, Fisheries, in the Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (WACFWRU), and an Associate Professor. Mark was a PhD student in UW Zoology from 1997-2002 and a post-doctoral fellow in SAFS from 2002-2003. Mark joins SAFS from NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center where he was a Research Fish Biologist working on a variety of problems related to the conservation and management of aquatic resources, particularly along the west coast of North America. 

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Training the Next Generation of Women Scientists

In a small room on the sub-level of the Fisheries Teaching and Research Building, families and friends crowd together, not unlike the countless jars of fish that pack the nearby shelves. In the center of the room is a table arranged with colorful posters and a group of girls who are excitedly answering questions. The eager onlookers are here to support their students, daughters, and friends, who are taking part in the Burke Museum’s Girls in Science (GiS) program. This science-fair style celebration is an opportunity for this quarter’s group of high school girls to present their findings after a rigorous six-week course where they identified “new” species.

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Exploring Our Watery World at UW’s Aquatic Science Open House

On May 4th, the University of Washington held its second annual Aquatic Science Open House. Seattle-area families, students, and teachers were invited to explore the institution’s marine and freshwater science programs and interact with researchers. The event was organized by the Students Explore Aquatic Sciences (SEAS) outreach group based in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) and the Academic and Recreational Graduate Oceanographers (ARGO) outreach group based in the School of Oceanography.

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