Vincent Gallucci

  • Professor, SAFS
  • Adjunct Faculty, School of Marine Affairs
  • Chair, Arctic Relations, Jackson School of International Studies

Research areas

I am a marine biologist who studies the conservation, management, and population dynamics of sharks. I have nearly two decades of research on benthic ecosystems in both temperate and tropical systems. I worked for over a decade on marine resource management in Central and South America and Africa, focusing on small-scale fisheries at the village level. Most of this latter work has involved the mathematics of quantitative stock assessment, i.e., the assessment of the current status of a stock of fish and the prediction, using mathematical models and statistics of their future status, of what happens when various levels of mortality are imposed as part of a harvest.

I have experience in fisheries policy and I have two primary areas of interests, one of which is Arctic policy and conservation. Our group in the Canadian Arctic Studies Center is having major roles in Arctic policy and governance. We work with Asian, European, Russian and Canadian governmental agencies, especially relative to Arctic Council issues, procedures, etc. This work has a strong flavor of Inuit policy and governance. The second interest is in the conservation management of elasmobranches, especially sharks and in cold water, such as the Arctic. This work has been applied in the North Pacific and North Atlantic environment.


  • FSH 480: Human Dimensions of Fishery Management

Areas of Expertise

  • Arctic policy formulation and Arctic biology
  • Conflict Resolution in Natural Resources and Arctic Policy & Governance
  • Fisheries Policy, Ocean Governance, and Human Dimensions
  • Quantitative Stock Assessment, population dynamics, and math modeling
  • Elasmobranchs, shark biology and pop. dynamics, tropical and cold-water
  • Marine Biology

Selected publications

  • 2013—Fabbi, N., D. Hellmann, and V.F. Gallucci. “Geopolitics, Arctic Council, and Arctic Resources,” Fishing People of the North. Wakefield Symposium, Sea Grant.

  • 2013—Bailes, Alyson and V.F. Gallucci. “Policy and Biological Analyses of Fisheries Collapses in Arctic and Subarctic Seas,” Stanford University Journal of Law, Science, and Policy.

  • 2013—Lynhammer, A.J., J. Christiansen, V.F. Gallucci, and 5 others. “Marine Fishes of Arctic Environments,” Biodiversity, 14 (1): 57-66

  • 2013—Christiansen, J., O. Karamushko, A. Lyhammer, C. Mecklenburg, P. Moller, V.F. Gallucci. “Species Richness and Disturbution of Condrichthyan Fishes in the Arctic Ocean and Adjacent Seas,” Biodiversity, 14 (1): 57-66.

  • 2013—Gallucci, V.F., L. Hauser, and S. O’Brien. “Effects of specieis biology on the historical demography of sharks and their implications for the consequences of climate change in the North Pacific,” Convercation Genetics. DOI 10.1007/s 10592-012-0437-8.