Lisa Seeb

  • Research Professor, SAFS

Research areas

My research focuses upon the areas of evolution, population genetics, and conservation of natural populations, particularly Pacific salmon. I am currently collaborating on projects to study spatial patterns of genetic divergence in sockeye salmon inhabiting large lake systems in Alaska and mechanisms maintaining adaptive divergence and isolation among populations of Pacific salmon. I have also become particularly interested in using pink salmon as a model for studies of parallel adaptation. My husband, Jim Seeb, and I run the program, which provides an important intersection between the Alaska Salmon Program and the field of ecological genomics to conduct both basic and applied research. In addition, we work with laboratories across the Pacific Rim to develop species-wide databases for Pacific salmon in order to study the migratory timing and pathways of salmon in freshwater and marine environments.

Selected publications

  • Waples, R.K., J.E. Seeb, and L.W. Seeb. 2017. Congruent population structure across paralogous and nonparalogous loci in Salish Sea chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta). Mol Ecol 26(16): 4131-4144. 10.1111/mec.14163

  • Tarpey, C.M., J.E. Seeb, G.J. McKinney, W.D. Templin, A.V. Bugaev, S. Sato, and L.W. Seeb. 2017. SNP data describe contemporary population structure and diversity in allochronic lineages of pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 10.1139/cjfas-2017-0023

  • McKinney, G.J., J.E. Seeb, and L.W. Seeb. 2017. Managing mixed-stock fisheries: genotyping multi-SNP haplotypes increases power for genetic stock identification. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 74(4): 429-434. 10.1139/cjfas-2016-0443

  • Larson, W.A., M.T. Limborg, G.J. McKinney, D.E. Schindler, J.E. Seeb, and L.W. Seeb. 2017. Genomic islands of divergence linked to ecotypic variation in sockeye salmon. Molecular Ecology 26(2): 554-570. 10.1111/mec.13933

  • Seeb, L.W., R.K. Waples, M.T. Limborg, K.I. Warheit, C.E. Pascal, and J.E. Seeb. 2014. Parallel signatures of selection in temporally isolated lineages of pink salmon. Molecular Ecology 23(10): 2473-2485. 10.1111/mec.12769

  • Limborg, M.T., R.K. Waples, J.E. Seeb, and L.W. Seeb. 2014. Temporally isolated lineages of pink salmon reveal unique signatures of selection on distinct pools of standing genetic variation. Journal of Heredity 105(6): 741-751. 10.1093/jhered/esu063

  • Seeb, L.W., W.D. Templin, S. Sato, S. Abe, K. Warheit, J.Y. Park, and J.E. Seeb. 2011. Single nucleotide polymorphisms across a species’ range: implications for conservation studies of Pacific salmon. Molecular Ecology Resources 11: 195-217. 10.1111/j.1755-0998.2010.02966.x