Spring Graduation

Mark your calendars for the SAFS Spring Graduation celebration: Friday, June 11th, 2021 from 3:30-5:30 pm PT

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Specimens by the Millions: Managing Large, Specialized Collections at the University of Washington Burke Museum Fish Collection

A new paper by Katherine Pearson Maslenikov published in Ichthyology and Herpetology outlines the history of the UW Fish Collection and its long partnership with NOAA and other state and federal agencies.

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Where’s the Beach? Link to Lake secures $1 million in improvements to Rainier Beach’s Be’er Sheva Park

The Link to Lake project, of which SAFS Ph.D. student Ashley Townes serves on the steering committee, recently secured $1 million in improvements to Rainier Beach’s Be’er Sheva Park to address waterfront inequities.

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SEAS 2021 Open House

Join the SAFS community for the SEAS 2021 Open House, May 19–22! This year’s free virtual Open House offers four days of family-friendly activities to safely celebrate science and research that relates to water.

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SAFS students work alongside talented peers and faculty to engage in a rigorous and inclusive learning environment. Join us to connect with some of the best minds and immerse yourself in cutting-edge scientific research.

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Our faculty are committed leaders with broad academic expertise and interests. With access to a network of local, national and international leaders, we contribute influential research on topics ranging from organisms, populations, ecosystems, to human users of aquatic ecosystems.