Virtual Spring Seminars

Join us for our virtual Spring Seminar Series this quarter, Thursdays from 4:00–6:00 pm PT on Zoom.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many of our planned speakers have graciously agreed to present virtually this quarter. We hope you can join us for these important talks and use the opportunity to connect with your colleagues and classmates. A tentative schedule can be found below and on our events page. Please be sure to subscribe so that you receive the most up-to-date information on speakers.

4/2 Vera Trainer Extreme harmful algal blooms and climate change: a window into the future
4/9 Drew Harvell Ocean Outbreak from Seastars to Seagrasses
4/16 Mike Phelps Establishing  Genotype to Phenotype Linkages in Pacific Salmonids
4/23 Ivan Arismendi Salmonsters in Patagonia: Successes and failures after a century of introductions
4/30 Garrett McKinney Y-chromosome haplotypes influence size and age at maturity in male Chinook salmon
5/7 Maya Groner Lobsters in a pinch and other “tails” of disease in fished populations?
5/14 Rebecca Buchanan Columbia Basin Research: a quantitative nexus of data, fish, and resource management in the Pacific Northwest and beyond
5/21 Ellie Bors An Epigenetic Clock to Estimate the Age of Cook Inlet Beluga Whales
5/28 Ray Hilborn/Libby Logerwell/Kirstin Holsman Highlights of recent FAO Fisheries Conference
6/4 Maureen Williams Some worms like it hot: the impact of parasites on Irish freshwater invertebrates

Zoom Webinar login information (for all seminars):

Don’t worry if you miss a seminar! Talks will be recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel the following day.

In the spirit of TGIT, stick around for a virtual happy hour after the presentation and catch up with your SAFS community! short clip of two mugs cheers

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