Today! SAFS Capstone Extravaganza!

The first of our two-part capstone extravaganza starts at 3:30 today in the auditorium (FSH 102), with something for everyone–from oysters to elephant seals, and from Alaska to Bonaire:

3:30 Charles Dueber (Roberts): The Effects of β-Cyclodextrin on Immunity in the Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)

3:45 Jenna Keeton (Schindler): Selection of Tributary Confluences as Thermal Refuge for Salmonids in a Mountain River System

4:00 Heather Gibons (Laidre): Tidal Current Effects on the Species Composition of Feeding Flocks in the Salish Sea

4:15 Alex Nanni (Van Blaricom): Nitrogen Subsidies to Coastal Terrestrial Plants from Molting Northern Elephant Seals at San Nicolas Island, California

4:30 Jennifer Schaffer (Essington): Foraging Behavior of Caribbean Parrotfish: an Interspecific Comparison of Algal Preference

4:45 Rebekah Stiling (Olden): Hydrologic Regimes shape Fish Assemblage Structure in Washington Rivers

5:00 Angela Dillon (Buckley): The Food Habits of Pacific cod, Pacific halibut, and Flathead Sole in Marmot Bay, Alaska

Come join us!

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