SAFS Spring Capstone Symposium

It’s time again to learn all about the cool research that our undergrads have been doing over the past year. Due to the big graduating class, the SAFS symposium has been split over two days.
Come have some cookies and learn the latest in cutting-edge research from our next generation of scientists!

Wednesday June 4
3:30 Charles Dueber (Roberts): The Effects of β-Cyclodextrin on Immunity in the Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas)
3:45 Jenna Keeton (Schindler): Selection of Tributary Confluences as Thermal Refuge for Salmonids in a Mountain River System
4:00 Heather Gibons (Laidre): Tidal Current Effects on the Species Composition of Feeding Flocks in the Salish Sea
4:15 Alex Nanni (Van Blaricom): Nitrogen Subsidies to Coastal Terrestrial Plants from Molting Northern Elephant Seals at San Nicolas Island, California
4:30 Jennifer Schaffer (Essington): Foraging Behavior of Caribbean Parrotfish: an Interspecific Comparison of Algal Preference
4:45 Rebekah Stiling (Olden): Hydrologic Regimes shape Fish Assemblage Structure in Washington Rivers
5:00 Angela Dillon (Buckley): The Food Habits of Pacific cod, Pacific halibut, and Flathead Sole in Marmot Bay, Alaska
Friday, June 6
2:00 Eric Harris (Friedman): Transgenerational Effects of Ocean Acidification in the Commercial Quality of Crassostrea gigas
2:15 Marina Krasnovid (Friedman): Sea Star Wasting Disease
2:30 Annie Gower (Holtgrieve): Fatty acid profiles in tropical fish tissues in relation to a known diet
2:45 Jennifer Gardner (Pietsch): DNA-based Identification of Snailfish Egg Masses Laid in the Gill Cavities of King Crabs
3:00 Jessica Blanchette (Roberts): A Physiological Survey of Development in Pacific Geoduck Clam (Panopea generosa)
3:15 Charles Heller (Jensen): Characterization of the Filter-Feeding Ability and Particulate Size Limitation of Squat Lobster, Munida quadrispina

3:30 Break/posters

3:45 Sonia Brugger (Logsdon): Prototype Design, Development, and Evaluation for an Inexpensive Phytoplankton-Sampling Device
4:00 Daniel Auerbach (Schindler): Is the Presence of Non-Native Seagrass Zostera japonica Related to Fish Performance?
4:15 Sydni Baumgart (Helser): Reevaluating Longevity Estimates of Long-Lived Rockfish in the Pacific Ocean
4:30 Lindsay Hart (Quinn): Are Char in the Egegik River using Marine Resources during Summer Months?
4:45 Adrian Tuohy (Quinn): Effectiveness Monitoring of the Lower Dosewallips River Restoration
5:00 Brandon Ringstad (Quinn): Ecology of Pelagic Coastrange Sculpin (Cottus aleuticus) in Lake Washington, WA

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