Faculty Candidate Seminar with John Harrison

Please join SAFS and the College of the Environment today for Freshwater Sciences faculty search candidate, John Harrison‘s seminar, entitled Watershed Nutrient Fluxes in the Anthropocene: Insights from In Situ and In Silico Approaches.

Freshwater Sciences Faculty Search Candidate Seminar
Dr. John Harrison, Washington State University
Thursday, April 11
3:30 p.m., More (MOR) 220

Ensuring clean water for people and ecosystems is widely recognized as a central “grand challenge” in freshwater science, one that requires an ability to understand, predict, and manage changes in water quality.  Nutrient over-enrichment of freshwaters constitutes a primary threat to human health and aquatic ecosystem integrity.  In the first portion of this seminar I will present recent, modeling-based advances in our understanding of regional-to-global scale patterns, sources, and sinks of aquatic nutrients, with a focus on dissolved inorganic phosphorus.  In addition, as abundant (over 1 million world-wide) managed systems, reservoirs strongly affect the amounts and ratios of nutrients transported downstream through watersheds, and collectively constitute a major greenhouse gas source.  I will present striking early results from a case study, suggesting that appropriate reservoir management has potential to both enhance quality of water released to downstream reaches and to reduce water-to-air greenhouse gas fluxes.


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