Faculty Candidate Seminar with Gordon Holtgrieve

Please join SAFS and the College of the Environment today for Freshwater Sciences faculty search candidate, Gordon Holtgrieve‘s seminar, entitled Floods, Fish, and People: Connecting Biogeochemical Processes to Aquatic Ecosystem Functions and Services.

Freshwater Sciences Faculty Search Candidate Seminar
Dr. Gordon Holtgrieve
Thursday, April 18
3:30 p.m., Fisheries (FSH) 102 (NEW time)

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is maintaining the critical ecosystem goods and services human societies depend on in the face of an expanding human population and increasing global environmental change.  More than any other ecosystem, freshwaters are experiencing the full suite of environmental transformations, including habitat alterations, pollution, climate change, and over-exploitation.  My research uses novel ways to measure and understand how aquatic ecosystems function and are connected in both space and time.  I will focus on current research in the Mekong River basin that quantifies the biogeochemical resource pathways that support primary and secondary productivity for the largest freshwater fishery in the world.  The Mekong is a paragon for studying global alterations to freshwaters, with looming changes from hydroelectric dams, climate change, and deforestation.  With an understanding of how watershed hydrology and species diversity interact to maintain this highly productive ecosystem, stakeholders will be better able to predict how future hydrologic and climatic changes will affect ecosystem interactions within watersheds their ability to provide resources for people.

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