Faculty Candidate Seminar with David Butman

Please join SAFS and the College of the Environment today for Freshwater Sciences faculty search candidate, David Butman‘s seminar, entitled Inland Waters and the Global Carbon Cycle.

Freshwater Sciences Faculty Search Candidate Seminar
Dr. David Butman
Wednesday, April 17
4:00 p.m., Fisheries (FSH) 102

Just as a balanced checkbook is essential to understand the flow of money through your bank account, balancing the carbon budget for the globe is essential to understand the role humans and the natural environment play in the observed upward trend in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. As recently as 2007 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) depicted inland aquatic environments to have only a single dynamic contribution to the carbon cycle.  Rivers and inland aquatic systems were excluded from global carbon accounting beyond what simply drains off the continents from major watersheds.   This simplified approach to aquatic carbon cycling is inherently incorrect within the context of the modern carbon cycle.  New research will be presented that: (1) shows the strong connections between aquatic environments and the atmosphere across spatial scales; (2) places aquatic carbon cycling in the context of terrestrial-aquatic linkages; and (3) explores the potential effects of humans on these processes.

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