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Have you been unable to attend a Bevan Series talk? Enjoyed one so much that you wish you could share it with your friends? Reminiscing about that one you saw a few years ago and want to see again? We have a solution for you!

Introducing…the new Bevan Series YouTube channel!

Below is a list of all the videos we have posted to date. Click the links to go directly to that year’s playlist of talks. New videos will be posted each week, so remember to check back and/or subscribe to our channel.

2013: Should We Eat Fish?

Ted Ames
So what’s really happening with Gulf of Maine cod?

Rashid Sumaila
New threats to the flow of benefits from the global ocean

Virginia Butler
The 10,000 year record of sustainable fisheries in the Pacific Northwest

Peter Tyedmers
Energy use in fisheries: Achilles’ heel or Poseidon’s trident?

Emily Oken
Should pregnant women, nursing mothers, and young children eat fish?

2012: Frontiers in Fisheries

Keith Sainsbury
New frontiers in fisheries management: The Australian approach

David Schindler
The Canadian oil sands: Economic savior or environmental disaster?

Steven Campana
Large sharks tracked with satellite tags reveal their secret hideaways

Rudy Kloser
Sound advice: Acoustical insights into deepwater fisheries and ecosystems

Nancy Baron
The risks and rewards of communicating your science

Nicholas Dulvy
Saving Nemo: The science of marine extinctions

Martin Pastoors
Breaking the paradigms in European fisheries management

Steven Cooke
Global recreational fisheries: Status, issues, and opportunities

David Armstrong
Claws, causes, climate, and corps: A cavalcade of true crab sagas

2011: Ocean Acidification

Rod Wilson
Can Fish Fight Back? Carbonate Production in an Acidic Ocean

Sven/Barbara Huseby/Ettinger
Science, Media and Messaging

Gretchen Hoffman
Individual Responses to Acidifying Oceans: Migration, Acclimation, Adaptation, or Death

Philip Munday
Behavioral and Ecological Consequences of Acidification on Fish

Brian Baird
Can an Acerbic Congress Deal with Acidic Oceans?

Brad Warren
Souring Oceans, Dissolving Shellfish, and the Cure for Cowardly Lions

Scott Doney
Do the Dollars Make Cents? Economic Impacts of Acidification on Fisheries

Miyako Sakashita
Curbing Carbon Pollution – Legal Solutions

John Smol
Lessons Learned from Acidification in Freshwater Ecosystems

Richard Feely
Ocean Acidification: Global Warming’s Evil Twin

2010: Facing an Uncertain Future?

Josh Eagle
The history of the marine conservation movement, 1990-2010

Pamela Mace
Defining “endangered” under the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES): Are marine species “special”?

Michael Rubinio
Is aquaculture a sustainable use of the sea?

Julia Baum
In hot water: Consequences of escalating shark exploitation

Barry Gold
Leverage points and incentives in shaping sustainable fisheries: The role of environmental foundations

Andrew Trites
Steller sea lions and groundfish fisheries in Alaska: can the two co-exist

David Allen
Protection strategies for freshwater fisheries and ecosystems

George Rose
Facing the Grand Banks fisheries: Myths and sustainability

2009 Symposium: On the Ground & In the Water – Ecosystem-based fisheries management in practice  

Jake Rice
Making an Ecosystem Approach work in Fisheries – After the revolution you actually have to govern well

Anne Hollowed
An Assessment of Fisheries Management Strategies in Alaska Relative to the Goals of Ecosystem Approaches to Management

Villy Christensen
Quantitative support tools to implement EBFM

Lisa Woonick
MPAs and EBFM: issues of scale, perspective, and coordination

Tony Smith
Tools to support EBFM and their implementation in Australia

Andrew Constable
Emerging approaches for ecosystem-based management on forage species, taking account of the need for recovery of top predators

Rosie Hurst
Steps towards EBFM in New Zealand fisheries

Simon Jennings
Do European research and advisory structures encourage pragmatic development and application of the ecosystem approach?

Jason Link
Implementing EBFM in the US Atlantic

Frank Parrish
Identifying themes and goals for EBFM in the Hawaiian Archipelagic Marine Ecosystem Research (HAMER) plan

Donald MacIsaac
EBFM at the Pacific Fishery Management Council: Perspectives From the Front Line

Diana Evans
Shifting baselines, constant focus: integrating an ecosystem approach into everyday management

Jim Cowan
Emerging from Baird’s Shadow:  Challenges to Implementation of ESBFM

Dave Fluharty
What Takes So Long to Implement EBFM in the US?

Nick Raynes
Policy, risk and money – EBFM in Australian fisheries

Mary Ruckelshaus
Applying EBM in Puget Sound: including the human element

Selina Heppel
Scaling up, scaling down: linking community-based stewardship to the needs of fishery management

Ray Hilborn
The future of EBFM and fisheries management?

2008: Where Sustainability Meets Reality

Phil Levin
From Ecology to Ecosystem Management: Practical Realities on the West Coast

Pierre Freon
Sustainable Exploitation of Small Pelagic Fish Stocks Challenged by Environmental and Ecosystem Change

Jeremy Prince
The Barefoot Ecologist’s Toolbox—Re-scaling Fisheries Assessment and Management

Cathy Roheim
Effectiveness of Market-Based Measures in Promoting Sustainable Fisheries: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility

Laura Singer
Rules of Engagement: Scientists, Industry, and Fishery Managers in New England

Steve Murawski
The Myths and Realities of Ecosystem-based Management

James Ianelli
Navigating the Windfalls and Pitfalls of Sustainability: Bering Sea Pollock

Steve Gaines
Can Marine Reserves Benefit Fisheries?

John Reynolds
Ecology of Extinction Risk in Fish Species

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