Black Abalone Dating Service

Are you a lonely black abalone, seeking a nearby abalone of the opposite sex to spawn near and reproduce with?  If that’s the case, you’re not alone!

Check out SAFS graduate student Brianna Blaud’s Project on Black Abalone which is part of the #SciFund Challenge. Brianna has just surpassed the 50% funding level from 20 contributions and there are 7 days left to go!

From the Black Abalone Dating Service site:

Because black abalones are an endangered species and we have not been able to successfully spawn them in laboratory settings, we use small particles as surrogates for black abalone sperm and eggs in our experiments.  We release these particles in the intertidal and collect water samples to measure the concentration of sperm and eggs over distance and time.  The cost of the particles for each experimental run is approximately $2,500.  We aim to raise enough to fund one run in the hopes of finding out how close two abalones have to be in order to successfully reproduce.   Any money we receive over our fundraising target will go to funding further experimental runs to see how different variables affect the necessary proximity two abalone must be in to successfully reproduce.

Consider supporting either by “fueling” the project or simply sharing the link with others (url:


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